Homemade 25th Birthday Themed Costumes 
& Free Printable Stencils

Get creative making a homemade party costume. The 25th Birthday party guide has unique thoughts to make it happen.  In addition, make a silly fun pumpkin or any large fruit decoration with the free printable stencil below.

Throwing a homemade costume party for your 25th birthday? Normally by this age people have passed beyond any issues of identity crisis and have out-grown their philosophical soul-searching days. Most have found their footing in life and so the party reflects a more mature and elegant feel. Nearly all guests at a celebration or special event will want to know what to wear or how to wear it! For this reason, sending that information in the invite or by another means is very important. From dresses and gowns to costumes and suits, being prepared for the event will make the celebration very special.

For their 25th birthday party, people will usually be choosing more subtle themes like maybe a fairy tale party. These are pretty easy to dress up for as all you need to do is pick out tour favorite character in a fairy tale. The most common ones for the women would of course be Cinderella or Little Mermaid or a fairy. But try a little different by being Red Riding Hood for the Day. This is a good choice for a homemade costume as it is very easy to put together. All you need is to get some red velvet fabric for the cape. The rest you can assemble from your existing wardrobe. Limit the colors to white and black with a accents of red all over - maybe with red embroidery on a corset or just some bright crimson lipstick. Make sure you carry a picnic basket to give it that authentic touch and complete your costume.

For the guys – why not make a homemade Prince Charming costume for your self and be the most eligible bachelor around. Think about it you would be the first choice of all the Cinderellas and Sleeping Beauties around. Or you could be the noble Lancelot. Another idea might make a pirate costume. Especially after Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Captain Jack Sparrow they surely have gained a reputation of being sexy.
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"> Free printable 25th Birthday stencil to use to decorate your theme party.

Free Printable Stencil Pattern for a 25th Birthday Theme Party

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