50s Sock Hop Party Favors

The 50s Sock Hop party guide have creative ideas for handmade party favors.  Plus, what's a celebration without theme oriented conversion!  Join in with interesting facts and unusual world records that match a 50s Sock Hop theme party.
50s Sock Hop Party Favors . 200+ Theme Matching Conversation Starters

Treat guests to homemade party favors that they can really enjoy Ė a 50ís sock hop milk shake recipe and container! A milk shake is one of the most noted items of the 1950ís and fits in wonderfully with the party theme.

Start off creating the handmade party favors by getting tall glasses or sundae shaped glasses. If looking for a more ornate appeal, choose the sundae glasses. Items that will be put into the glasses include a tall straw (whichever color the host chooses to match the theme colors) and a recipe card with a milkshake recipe on it. Other items hosts will want to gather include colored ribbon and scissors along with any other decorating items they want.

Homemade party favors 50ís sock hop themed recipes:

Modern take on the Vanilla 50ís milkshake: Take all the ingredients below, blend them in a blender until frothy and smooth.

4 Cups Quality Vanilla Ice Cream
2 Tsp Vanilla extract or 1 Fresh Vanilla Bean
8 Tsp Sugar
2 Cups Milk, less for thicker milkshakes

Traditional 50ís Strawberry milkshake: First, blend together the dates, vanilla bean seeds and the almond milk until it is creamy. Add in the diced strawberries and the coconut butter and blend it again until strawberry seeds cannot be seen.

1 cup Almond Milk
6 small pitted dates
1 tablespoon raw coconut butter
1 cup ripe strawberries (medium diced and tightly packed) with the green tops left on
1/2 of a large bourbon vanilla bean, cut lengthwise and seeds scraped
50s Sock Hop World Record, Facts and Party Talk!

America's First Teenagers

When throwing a 50s Sock Hop party enjoy some Theme related talk for some interesting party conversation. The term "teenager was scarcely heard at the start of the 1950ís, but by the decadeís end, the word rolled off every American tongue with ease. The teens of the Ď50ís were the first teen-aged youths to stand out as a distinct group with interests, fashions, musical tastes, dance styles and economic power of their own. Sock hops were the fun activity of the day.

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50s Sock Hop Party Favors

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