Free to Print 50s Sock Hop Word Scramble Party Game!

Puzzle the mind with an exciting 50s Sock Hop themed word scramble party game.  Do alone or as teams, combine the young and old with this pen and paper old time favorite.

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It is time to put on some dancing shoes and cut a run to some swingin’ 50s sock hop music. Keep the 50s sock hop theme party a movin’ and a shakin’ with fun party games as well.

Balloon Pop
Balloon Pop is a fun game that requires a lot of space – thankfully the dance floor can be used for this ultra fun party game. Balloon Pop is played by lining up two teams of equal number next to each other. Place two chairs, one for each team, on the opposite end of the party game area. On go, the first player from each team must run with a balloon, sit on it using the chair, pop it, and run back to their teammate who does the same. The firs team to pop all the balloons is the winning team. In an added twist, place shaving cream in one of the balloons for a nice balloon pop surprise.

How Many Socks Race
How Many Socks Race is played by placing a few dozen socks a basket at one end of the party area. Line up the party guests in tow teams in a straight line. On go, the first player in each team races down and puts on one pair of socks, races to their teammate who does the same. The second player must place two pairs of socks on, the third player puts on three socks and so forth. The team who can put on the most socks in the allowed time is the winning team.

Young and older party guests may appreciate simple printable party games such as scrambles, word finds, and crossword games to play also.

More free word scramble party games Click image to Print the 50s Sock Hop Word Scramble Puzzle
50s Sock Hop Word Scramble Puzzle - Click Image and Print from Your Browser

The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for 50s Sock Hop to use for parties or in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.  Try playing the free 50s Sock Hop Party Games with the kids.  This is a free game that goes with the theme of 50s Sock Hop.  Many restaurants have placemats with activities that kids loves.  You can use our free resources to create a themed environment. To keep the children's minds active the 50s Sock Hop Word Find is a fun challenge.  Some of these words appear in the 50s Sock Hop History.  Create your own lesson plans using the information found on the 50s Sock Hop history page.  Trivia game questions is an interesting way to have the kids learn about 50s Sock Hop.  Older children can create their own trivia questions and then ask each other the questions.  As a time filler, the 50s Sock Hop Word Scramble is a good activity to use while the children wait for food to be serviced or as they wait for other children to finish their assignments.  A party can be made into a fun learning environment.  Kids that arrive early to school or a party can do the 50s Sock Hop Word Scramble to get started in the mood of a 50s Sock Hop event. More free word scramble party games
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