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The party guide helps plan a themed 50th Anniversary event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

Whether you select David Austin’s Turn to Gold or Sam Sparros’s Black and Gold, a 50th anniversary song list is important. Music is one of the greatest party supplies any party could have and if not done right, the whole theme might not seem as cohesive.

When selecting a 50th anniversary playlist, it is important to consider who will be attending the party. For the most part, the song choose should be kept light with a few upbeat songs placed in between. A fun way to capture the 50th anniversary party theme is to select songs that have gold in the title or throughout the song. Some popular dongs include Goldeneye by Tina Turner, Silence is Golden by The Tremeloes and even Good As Gold performed by The Beautiful South.

Choosing songs that identify with the time period that they have been together will be easy. With 50 years of music behind them, even Gold by Prince is an option. Find songs that focus on happiness together or those that are simply uplifting in general. Refrain from songs that are depressing and a mood dampener because nothing will bring a party to a halt quicker than music that doe not fit in or spoils the mood! Game idea: take a clear container, then fill with candy, toys or other objects and have the guests guess the number of items inside. Photos provide such lasting memories; take time to designate someone as the photographer at a social occasion. Gather up some leftover brown packing boxes, wrap them in a matching theme color design and place them throughout the event space for instant decorations.

Celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary calls for a lavish homemade party supplies, decorations, family and friends. The host should spare no expense in creating a glorious spectacle. Since gold represents this milestone, decorating a party area with gold balloons, tableware items, streamers, and lanterns. In keeping with the gold 50th anniversary theme, give the couple something that is handmade and from the heart. Go for the gold in this instance--and for the heart.

The 50th anniversary is considered the golden anniversary so include gold homemade party supply to fit the occasion. There are numerous handmade gold party supplies, which include handmade centerpieces wrapped in gold cellophane. Take the couples favorite foods, drink, and make a wonderful centerpiece they will enjoy. Take wine or champagne classes and place gold coin candies inside on table or tables in the party location also. Also, take various gold candles and votive of varying heights to create an elegant look for the party. This classy couple is sure to appreciate the grand gesture.

Other party supplies for a 50th anniversary also includes making various banners. Take a gold marker on black paper (gold looks better on black) with gold glitter (optional) and write Happy 50th Anniversary (include names). Ensure the banner is big, bold and very gold. This beauty should be as elegant as the couple it honors.

Party supplies for a 50th anniversary can also include a large portrait of the married couple. This might be a professional shot that marks their milestone. Add a decorative border to it the picture also. Have guests sign the photo offering their best wishes and many more years of marriage. Compare various printing companies to find the best price on the large print out.

A 50th wedding anniversary cake is one that will be remembered for the rest of the couples’ life. Making it 50 years together is beautiful and why the symbols for a 50th anniversary are gold and the violet flower. Each is beautiful and sacred in its own special way. Consider these two details in all of the party supplies that are attained for this special occasion. This couple, after all, deserves the very best.

Although cake is not gold in color, per se, a golden cake recipe will be the way to go. The frosting on the cake should be white to complement the delicious golden cake flavor. Most people prefer to both see and eat golden baked goods.

When decorating the 50th wedding anniversary theme cake, it is important to relay the theme and occasion fully. This particular cake must be both delicious and theme relevant. Sticking with the traditional 50th anniversary flower, utilize violets wherever you can on the cake. Step outside the normal one flower in each corner. Decorate the center of the cake in a bouquet of violet flowers or let them cascade down the front side of the cake from the top. Getting creative and taking the flowers out of a uniform look will create the elegance and classy look that is desired at a 50th anniversary celebration. The classic romantic rule, say it with flowers, applies here.

In order to bring in the shiny gold color, sprinkle some gold shimmer, edible duct on the cake. This will not only give the white icing some color, but the top of the cake will also catch the light perfectly.

Celebrating a 50th Wedding Anniversary is recognizing a huge accomplishment by any standards. Two people who have spent a half of a century with each other has certainly seen all the ups and downs life can throw at a married couple and yet, together, they have persevered. The 50th Wedding Anniversary is referred to as the golden anniversary because gold is considered to be symbolic of both wealth and optimism. In addition, gold is considered to be beautiful, strong and yet resistant to corrosion. The flower used to symbolize the 50th Wedding Anniversary is the violet. Violets are said to be indications of virtue, a love returned, and faithfulness. Certainly, when those attributes are considered, the violet is the perfect flower to represent the 50th Wedding Anniversary.

These traditional elements can help set the perfect stage for a 50th wedding anniversary party. Begin by selecting ivory table cloths. Then in the center of each table place an opened black, violet, burgundy or navy cloths or lace handkerchiefs. Then, sprinkle some gold metallic confetti on the darkened cloth center. The contrast of the dark fabric against the ivory table cloths will add an extra dimension of shine and glitter to the confetti sprinkles. Easy centerpieces can be made out of ivory colored pillar candles placed upon golden plates. A ring of golden tulle and small violets can be tied around the base of the candle. At the base of each candle put one photo of the honored couple from some time during their marriage in a golden frame. Each table will have a different picture so guests will be encouraged to move around and mingle a bit while looking at the couple’s photographic history.

Prior to the party, have the guests provide you with a couple of their most vivid memories of the couple and bind them into a handmade book that commemorates the evening and their long-standing friendships with the guests. As you are preparing to toast the couple of honor, consider sharing a few of the shorter stories with the guests.

Take time to plan the menu to suit what the couple likes – a favorite menu over the past five decades or a remake of the original first date menu. Either will introduce a fun trip down memory lane. Chocolate holiday party favors wrapped in golden ribbons and foils will make excellent party favors for the guests that have came to share the day.

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50th Anniversary History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the 50th Anniversary theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

The 50th anniversary marks a couple’s golden year of matrimony; a time to acknowledge and honor a full half century of wedded bliss at a 50th Anniversary Party. This is the perfect time to honor a very special couple.

In medieval times, a husband acknowledged his 50th anniversary by crowning his wife with a gold wreath: a commemorative token of a life well spent together. No doubt many women today would enjoy that as well!

These days gold remains the gift of choice for couples celebrating this milestone. And today the husband and wife exchange gifts, as well as accepting presents from friends, co-workers and relatives who gather for their anniversary party. And while anyone who gave a wreath would probably get a strange look at a modern 50th Anniversary Party, they might give gold jewelry, golden miniatures, statues and other collectibles, commemorative 50th anniversary plates, etc. For those on a smaller budget, a gold-hued photo album or trinket could suffice. Anything that glitters is sure to suffice--as well as impress.

In this age of rising divorce rates, people are placing special value on milestones such as the 50th anniversary. Very few people last that long in this troubled age. By the same token, because of extended life expectancies more and more couples are able to celebrate the big 5-0.

Many of these 50th anniversary celebrations are marked by the inclusion of food, drink, music, laughter and good times. Guffaws are just as important as presents in this situation. The host might bake a cake in the shape of the number “50,” and decorate the party area with shiny gold banners, flags, ribbons, confetti, and streamers.

Although the nature and character of the 50th anniversary party has morphed through the years, this fest remains a classic celebration of love and marriage; more specifically, of longevity and eternal love. Plan the ultimate 50th anniversary party today! Decorations help transform a room into something more for that special day so look forward to learning some exciting and creative ideas. If you specify the type of clothing for a social event like summer causal, give a few examples of what is acceptable and more importantly what isn't. Decorations help transform a room into something more for that special day so look forward to learning some exciting and creative ideas. The history of 50th Anniversary has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for 50th Anniversary to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of 50th Anniversary
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