Handmade 50th Wedding Anniversary Pinatas

50th Wedding Anniversary Pinatas for 50th Wedding Anniversary theme parties plus the pinata filler, the blindfold mask and bat to match. Make your event festive using a pinata as a decoration. A half of century together, WOW, it's definitely a reason to either have a 50th Wedding Anniversary party or mourn!.

50th Wedding Anniversary Pinatas . 50th Wedding Anniversary Blindfold Mask & Bat . 50th Wedding Anniversary Pinata Filler

A 50th Wedding Anniversary is a monumental occasion so celebrate properly with plenty of party supplies, decorations, party favors, and a homemade piñata. Why not create the best party possible for the happily married couple with a lavish celebration? Those who want to contribute in their own personal way may want to consider making a few homemade piñatas that can be given out as party favors. Small balloons covered in paper mache decorated with tissue paper and congratulatory messages. Many parties are highlighted when the time to break open the piñata occurs. Since a 50th wedding anniversary is the golden anniversary, create a golden piñata for the occasion. Select a desired design such as a diamond, circular, rectangular, and apply shiny gold metallic colored paper. Since this is a 50th anniversary party, creating a piñata shaped like the number 50 is recommended. To make the number, cut out the five and zero separately from each other from cardboard. Cut out the numbers twice because small balloons will need to be taped in between. Cut out two 5’s, place the balloons in between, and do the same with the zero. Paper mache the numbers individually. After two layers of paper mache have been applied to both numbers tape the together. Cut out a hole at the bottom of each number and fill with candy. Apply a third layer of paper mache over the entire piñata and decorate. Decorate with colored tissue paper (preferably gold) or desired colors.
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