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Add a finishing touch to a 80s Theme party with a free printable activity including word search, word find, and word scrambles plus coloring pages.  Or just play these free party games fun for both kids and adults.
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POST: At big parties and discos, in large halls it's very interesting to have "a postman". The guests ask him/her: "Give a note (a letter) to the girl in white dress". This girl writes her name on the sheet of paper and gives in to "the postman". All the guests communicate with the help of "the postman" until all of them learn each other. This game may continue for several days in camps, sanatoriums etc. You may also want to use some 80s party supplies for decoration. Fiesta party game will also surprise guests with more fun at the party.
Simple instructions to Theme party games to perfectly fit a 80s celebration.
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AIR GUITAR SHOWDOWN 80'S PARTY GAME: From Van Halen to ACDC, Poison, Motley Crue and everything in between, the 80’s were a classic era for rock music. What better way to pay homage to the 80’s than with an air-guitar competition 80's party game? In terms of 80’s party games, this is truly one of the best. Two or more guests (depending on numbers) have to act as judges, and crank up the music while everyone else shows off their air-guitar prowess. The music is stopped at intervals, with the least creative and flamboyant air-guitarist being voted off each time. The last person standing is the winner of this 80's party game, and the air-guitar champion of your party.

Create a magical time at the 80s party. Print right from your printer these free party games, puzzles and activities. Choose a free printable game or coloring page:

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 NAME THAT TUNE 80's PARTY GAME: When it comes to quintessential 80’s party games, “Name That Tune” is a classic. Guests can play individually, in pairs or small groups. Snippets from 80’s songs are played, and players must name each song by title and artist (half-marks can be awarded at the host’s discretion). The player or team with most correct answers wins this 80's party game. Whether reminiscing about the era makes you smile or cringe, a party devoted to the 80’s – party games being an absolute must – is a fantastic way to remember a classic era.

Printable 80s Theme Party Games
Printable 80s Theme Party Games

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