Adult Word Search Party Game & a Homemade Party Game!

Don't be puzzled, let your creative juices flow when making a homemade party game to match a Adult theme Birthday.  Let us help you search for the words to uniquely design the perfect activity.

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An adult birthday party is the perfect setting for some festive—and slightly daring—handmade party games. Really exciting activities and great food are the perfect combination for any celebration. Most often these are fun activities in which everyone can be involved and will most likely liven up the guests at the celebration. More often than not, these fun and exciting activities will add an excessive amount of fun to the very special event.

Break out the spirits for Whine for Wine, a homemade game that could be enjoyed at any adult birthday party. As part of this game, guests could throw around a hand sewn bean bag that resembles a big purple grape. As each person catches the ball, he/she could whine about the perils of getting older. The guest of honor could choose the best and most effective whiners to receive bottles of fine wine as prizes. Runners up could receive less expensive wines and beers; and everyone could at least be privy to a few good shots of brew.

Another handmade game at an adult birthday party could be the Cool Confessions game. Once again guests could stand in a circle, this time passing around a ball or bean bag that resembles a block of ice or an ice cube. As each person catches the ball, he/she could confess a strange, funny or bizarre fact about themselves. The guest of honor can judge the confessions in regards to their creativity, shock value, humor value, or just outright unbelievability; winners will receive an ultra-cool bottle of wine—and perhaps a carton of even ‘cooler’ gourmet ice cream to go with it!

Any adult birthday party can be even more fun—and endlessly interesting—with some festive homemade games. Just make sure that designated drivers are out in full force at the party, to see other guests home. Cheers! Have fun and be safe! Liven up old games that involve the use of pen and paper with physical activities for new challenges to keep everyone hopping. Organization regardless of size will help ensure the day is less stressful for the hostess and more entertaining. Liven up old games that involve the use of pen and paper with physical activities for new challenges to keep everyone hopping.

More free word search party games Click image to Print the Adult Word Search Puzzle
Adult Word Search Puzzle - Click Image and Print from Your Browser

The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Adult to use for parties or in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.  Try playing the free Adult Party Games with the kids.  This is a free game that goes with the theme of Adult.  Many restaurants have placemats with activities that kids loves.  You can use our free resources to create a themed environment. To keep the children's minds active the Adult Word Find is a fun challenge.  Some of these words appear in the Adult History.  Create your own lesson plans using the information found on the Adult history page.  Trivia game questions is an interesting way to have the kids learn about Adult.  Older children can create their own trivia questions and then ask each other the questions.  As a time filler, the Adult Word Scramble is a good activity to use while the children wait for food to be serviced or as they wait for other children to finish their assignments.  A party can be made into a fun learning environment.  Kids that arrive early to school or a party can do the Adult Word Scramble to get started in the mood of a Adult event.
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