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The party guide helps plan a themed Aloha event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

An aloha themed party isnít complete without the right aloha music. Any Hawaiian theme, luau theme, or any tropical party supplies needs music to really get things going. Even if dancing is not going to happen at the party having the right music will set the tone and carry the theme of aloha through the entire event. Celebrating a special event with outstanding performances that include singing, dancing and acting is a great way to keep the guests involved in the celebration. These fun activities are perfect for guests of all ages and will add a great deal to the celebration. More often than not, these performances will be the perfect addition to a fun filled and exciting event.

Of course, everyone knows that any music by Don Ho is going to get an aloha party started, but there are many other aloha inspired music that can add some fun and flare.

In the late 1800ís the last Princess of Hawaii wrote a song called Aloha Oe, this is the most popular of Hawaiian songs and can be found recorded by many different artists. Another favorite Hawaiian song was written in 1925 and is called the Hawaiian Wedding Song, or Ke Kali Nei Au by Charles E. King. In 1972 Larry Lindsey Kimura wrote the lyrics to the music; which was written by Eddie Kamae and the song is called Morning Dew. One of the better known recording of the song Blue Hawaii was sung my Elvis in 1961. In 1994 for the 100th anniversary of the monarchy overthrow Kealii Reichel wrote the song Kawaipunahele. A box can serve a dual purpose by first being able to hold supplies, but also be decorated on the outside for decor use. Don't be hesitant about asking parents to help out at a celebration for children. With a little imagination and white poster board, crayons, coloring pencils, tape, staples and printed photo images that can be cut, kids can create their own paper hats.

Say aloha to party guests with a Hawaiian themed birthday party celebration with plenty of homemade party supplies. Throwing a Hawaiian themed (especially in colder months) is an excellent way to celebrate a child or adultís birthday. Take peopleís minds off the cold weather for the night and plan a Hawaiian themed party that will surely please.

Most hosts will find that fun and exciting activities will be a great addition to this fun filled celebration. More often than not fun activities in which everyone can play and participate along with decorative supplies will liven up the event and make it very special. For this reason, planning and organization will be very beneficial for the host. Include various Hawaiian themed handmade party supplies and decorations and turn the party area into an island paradise. Make pineapple cups for guests to drink from - this will create a very authentic feel to the party. Homemade leis are also a nice way to greet guests when they arrive at the party. Make lies for the party guests using silk flowers of various colors. Add various faux palm trees to the walls by cutting out brown construction paper to form the trunk and green tissue paper for the leaves.

Handmade party supplies for a Aloha party should also include a large grass skirt for the table. Place the grass skirt around the edges of the table and add tropical faux flowers to the edge of the table. Create Hawaiian masks by using colors construction paper or paper mache. Before the party is set to begin, compare other parties in which a Aloha theme was used for additional ideas.

A Coconut Pineapple cake is the perfect cake for an Aloha party. This exciting and fun event is the ideal time for a variety of creative desserts and other tasty treats designed especially for this celebration. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of enjoyable fares that are designed especially for this gathering will make everyone feel very special. Most people realize that this party involves much more than dancing and games, therefore having a great cake such as a Coconut Pineapple cake will only add to the celebration. Making this cake is rather simple. Prepare the cake using a white cake mix and baking it in two round pans. Then, add a homemade touch by making your own pineapple filling and rum syrup.

To make a pineapple filling for your Aloha cake combine in a bowl the following ingredients: 1 can of crushed pineapples with juice, 2 tablespoons of sugar, 1 tablespoon or cornstarch and 1 small teaspoon of lemon juice. Once these items are in the bowl put on the stove and bring to a bowl (stirring constantly) after it boils reduce the heat and cook for approximately four minutes. Once this is completed, make the rum syrup. To make the rum syrup combine ľ cup of sugar, 3 to 4 tablespoons of light rum along with 2/3 cup of water in a pan. Bring this mixture to a boil stirring constantly. Once it has bowled remove from heat and it is ready to use.

Finally, to complete this cake put it together by placing one layer of the white cake on a cake plate and brush it with the rum syrup. Next, you will need to pour approximately half of the pineapple filling on the cake and spread it over the top of the cake. Add the next layer and do the same procedure. After this has been completed ice the entire cake with buttercream icing and sprinkle the entire cake with coconut. This will make a cake that your Aloha party guests will remember for years to come.

Aloha spirit may not be the kind of law that makes it illegal to do harm to another in Hawaii, but the definition of aloha spirit, and the guidance for public officials to remember this philosophy when performing their duties, is contained in Hawaii's state laws. It serves as a reminder to the Hawaiian people, of the thread of life that binds all of us, and connects us with the past and future generations. There could be no better way to embrace the history, facts, and and culture of the Aloha state than to include the Aloha spirit in your Hawaiian party trivia. These fun items along with cute supplies are always a great addition to a celebration and fun posters that include designs and greetings that are perfect for the celebration will liven up the event and make everyone feel very special. More often than not, these signs and posters will add a lot of fun to the celebrated get together.

Aloha spirit, much like the Golden Rule, reminds us to consider the other person and try to put ourselves in their place, so we understand from their perspective. Breaking this law will not get you fined or put in jail. Like the Golden Rule, the Aloha Spirit could change the world.

Aloha is actually an acronym for the following:
Akahai, meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness;
Lokahi, meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony;
Oluolu, meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness;
Haahaa, meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty;
Ahonui, meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

These traits are actually pursued by the Hawaiian people who wish to embody character that express the charm, warmth and sincerity of Hawaii's people. It was the philosophy of native Hawaiians, and was presented as a gift to the people of Hawaii. Aloha is more than a greeting, farewell, or form of address. Aloha is an expression of mutual regard and affection, and extends warmth and caring, with no obligation in return. Aloha is the essential element in relationships where each person is important to every other person, as a whole. Aloha means to hear what is not said, to see what cannot be seen, and to know the unknowable.

What better way to honor this wonderful culture than to have an Aloha party, and spread the Aloha message far and wide? Be sure to include Aloha and its history in your next Hawaiian Aloha party.

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Aloha History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Aloha theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

You are in charge of putting together a work party, and you want to find something that everyone will enjoy and walk away with a smile on their face, so your theme is aloha. If you cannot leave the office for vacation than why not bring the vacation to the office. With a Hawaiian resort theme you are opening up a whole new culture, events and history right there in your party atmosphere. Maybe this is not for work, perhaps a summer BBQ turned exotic? Send out the emails or invitations with the phrase Aloha right there in bold lettering to let everyone know what it is you are doing, and what they can expect. Have someone at the door ready to lay them as they walk through, allowing them to leave their troubles behind. Get online look up different facts and historical information about different events that one would experience while on vacation n Hawaii.

Most people are amazed at the history behind many of the shows and music from the present and past. Like others before them the times of past and the recordings are often as interesting now as they were many years ago. For this reason, fans of the show have held strong and their popularity has continued to grow.Using the Aloha theme for your party or family event is a fun way to get away from the original everyday party atmosphere. This is a great theme for outdoor events, family picnics, reunions or school events. Let everyone that attends open a coconut that holds different facts or historical dates in history in relation to Hawaii than draw names, or dates for people to win prizes or hold a trivial game with prizes. These are all ways to bring the vacation air home or to the office whichever the case may be, but this can be one party no one forgets. Gather up some leftover brown packing boxes, wrap them in a matching theme color design and place them throughout the event space for instant decorations. Everyone does not drink alcohol, be inclusive when planning a get-together and have a choice of drinks that include non-alcoholic opinions. Gather up some leftover brown packing boxes, wrap them in a matching theme color design and place them throughout the event space for instant decorations. The history of Aloha has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Aloha to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

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