Handmade Baby Shower Pinatas

Baby Shower Pinatas for Baby Shower theme parties plus the pinata filler, the blindfold mask and bat to match. Make your event festive using a pinata as a decoration. Oh the joy of a new life brings together a happy celebration among friends and family at a baby shower..

Baby Shower Pinatas . Baby Shower Blindfold Mask & Bat . Baby Shower Pinata Filler

Celebrate the upcoming birth of a young bundle of joy, or joys, with a baby shower filled with party supplies, decorations, games, and even a homemade baby shower theme piñata! Honor an impending arrival with much pomp and circumstance. A handmade baby shower piñata will make for a pleasant surprise among party guests. While piñatas are typically reserved for children, who says young ladies and women cannot have the same fun as well. A homemade piñata for a baby shower can be made to resemble a duck, carriage, children’s move or TV character, bunny, baby bottle, puppy etc. One pretty object can take on a great many forms. Begin the baby shower piñata process several days before the start of the baby shower. Many baby showers have a particular theme chosen so match the baby piñata with the rest of the party décor. Make sure that this item does not overwhelm the room. Avoid over-complicating the piñata but rather try for a cartoonish look rather than a realistic piñata. A piñata should be festive, and brightly colored so when the design is completed and the paper mache is dry apply colorful tissue paper where needed. Be sure to follow these directions carefully for best effect. The results should astound guests with beauty and brilliance.

Fill the homemade baby shower piñata with candies, lip-gloss, lipstick, confetti, coupons, gift certificates, and perhaps even gag gifts (condoms). Set the piñata up in a safe location and allow willing ladies to participate in the hopes they can be the one who breaks the baby shower piñata. Offer additional party favors for the baby shower attendees as well. There are many fun baby showers that are not only cute but practical. Giving guests a choice of glow in the dark wands and jewelry is like giving them a license to be kids again, so go for it. Decorate the chairs, sofa, and any other furniture pieces in the entertainment room.
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