Homemade Baby Seuss Dr. Seuss Themed Costumes 
& Free Printable Stencils

Get creative making a homemade party costume. The Baby Seuss Dr. Seuss party guide has unique thoughts to make it happen.  In addition, make a silly fun pumpkin or any large fruit decoration with the free printable stencil below.

The best way to make a homemade Baby Seuss Dr. Seuss costume for your baby or toddler is to first find the right color footie pajamas. For Horton, the elephant, a light blue pajama with footies would be perfect. In a pinch, an Elmo costume would also do the trick. Celebrating a special event with remarkable event trimmings, designs and materials are always a great way to add fun to a festive celebration. Enjoyable designs that are perfect for guests of all ages will enhance the event and make the guests feel very special. More often than not, these colorful embellishments will add a lot of attention to the celebration.

A the head will be needed for the Baby Seuss costume. For Horton, an elephant head can be made with stiff felt pieces. Be sure that they match the color of the pajama as closely as possible. Find a picture of Horton, and try to duplicate it in the proper size to make a hat for the child. The ears will be a kind of fairy-wing effect, although they are the ears of the elephant. The trunk can be handmade with a felt that is less stiff, and perhaps covering a cardboard paper towel roll. Bend it so that it has a kink in it, like an elephant’s trunk would.

For the eyes, there are dolls’ eyes of all sizes that can be found. They are plastic with white in the eyes and a black pupil that generally rolls around. These can easily be glued onto the felt hat. And the hair at the top can be cut up felt, or even light blue feathers. To keep it on the baby’s head, a soft, stretchy string can be attached to either side of the hat. Be sure that this homemade creation is not too tight and is comfortable for the child.

The baby’s smile should already be there for the delightful finishing touch for this homemade Dr. Seuss costume! Or, you can try the Cat In The Hat costume.
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"> Free printable Baby Seuss Dr. Seuss stencil to use to decorate your theme party.

Free Printable Stencil Pattern for a Baby Seuss Dr. Seuss Theme Party

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