Baptism Party Guide: Decorations & Crafts

Get crafty with fun Baptism theme party craft ideas.  It's a blast to make a decorative centerpiece or wall hanging to match the party theme. The celebration begins the moment the event is planned. Lots of party decoration ideas to help make any event more festive.

Create a pocket blanket to celebrate baptism. This can be done by actually buying materials and creating a white quilt, or by purchasing a pre-made white blanket and embellishing it.

Just sew on pockets made of blanket fleece, satin, or lace to which ever blanket style you plan to utilize. It really does look good even if you use various types and textures of fabric to make the pockets. They can be sewn on randomly and unevenly. This does not have to be a precise project by any means. Then, you supply Baptism guests with plain, white cards and envelopes. They can slip gifts, money, photographs, words of wisdom or other significant religious memorabilia into the pockets of the blanket, and it can be taken home after the baptism, and both the gifts in the pocket and the commemorative blanket (which may be monogrammed with names and dates) may be treasured for a lifetime.

Commemorative Baptismal Shell
Consider providing a commemorative shell for use in dipping water from the baptismal fount. This ritual is especially important in many religious cultures, and often a simple sea shell, or shell shaped container, is used to dip water, to be pour over the head of the infant for baptism. You can easily purchase or pick up the items you need to create one that can go home with the infant as a keepsake after the baptism.

Large cockle or oyster shell able to hold at least a tablespoon of water
Fine permanent marker
Clear acrylic spray
Pearlized fabric paint

Carefully write or print the child's name and date inside the shell. Pipe pearlized paint all around the edge of the shell. Let it dry, and finish with several thin coats of acrylic (don't skip this step. It will make the shell much more colorful). Invitations may have a game piece included that will surely entice the guest to attend. Baskets add a homey feeling to a gathering, and fill them with love. Invitations may have a game piece included that will surely entice the guest to attend.
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Baptism Party Favors

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