Free Printable Cheetah Girls Party Invitations & Placename Cards

Fancy up the table with these free printable party invitations to match at Cheetah Girls Theme celebration.  On a budget?  Instantly print these free printable invitations. Plus, enjoy the party invitation ideas to make your event extra special.
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The Cheetah Girls are bright and positive role models for young girls everywhere; and aside from inspiring a hit TV show and several movies, the Cheetahs provide awesome inspiration for a number of kids’ parties; not to mention some downright beautiful party invitations. Most hosts will want to plan this very special celebration with an adorable invite for their family and friends. These unique decorative notes and requests are a unique way of telling others about the event and preparing in advance for the celebration. Most importantly these should be sent a few weeks prior to the big event to make sure that everyone can clear their schedule and prepare for the celebration.

Printable Invitations
Printable Invitations for a Cheetah Girls party should feature glossy photos of the gals themselves: Raven Symone, Adrienne Bailon, Kiely Williams, and Sabrina Bryan, against a bright background. Bright colors such as red, blue, purple and gold should predominate, along with—of course—animal prints. Accompanying lettering should be big, bold and also brightly colored, and should clearly convey the time, day, date and place of the party.

Cheetah Girls Custom Invitations
Personalized Invitations for a Cheetah Girls party could bear photos of the party guest and her friends dressed as Cheetah Girls; complete with bright, vividly colorful costumes and sparkling jewelry. The message printed inside could be a message of welcome and invitation to like minded Cheetah Girls fans; one that states all the party particulars, such as the time, day, date and place of the party.

Cheetah Girls Unique Invitations
Unique Invitations for a Cheetah Girls party could bear animal print designs and brilliant colors; while not appropriate for every type of festivity, these invites would be perfect for a Cheetah Girls party. In addition, images taken from Cheetah Girls movies and television episodes would look great on custom designed invitations.

All girls should unite for fun, music and friendship at the ultimate Cheetah Girls party!

Instantly print Cheetah Girls theme matching placename cards to use on the dinner table or the buffet table.
Cheetah Girls Placename Cards

Free Quickly Print Placename Cards!

Cheetah Girls Printable Invitation
Free Printable Cheetah Girls Invitations

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