Handmade Cheetah Girls Pinatas

Cheetah Girls Pinatas for Cheetah Girls theme parties plus the pinata filler, the blindfold mask and bat to match. Make your event festive using a pinata as a decoration. The Cheetah Girls is a singing group of girls created by Disney..

Cheetah Girls Pinatas . Cheetah Girls Blindfold Mask & Bat . Cheetah Girls Pinata Filler

The Cheetah Girls are perhaps the ultimate role models for today’s young girls; honor these bright, spirited, downright inspirational television characters with a festive party—not to mention some colorful handmade piñatas. What a better way to add entertainment and fun to a celebration than to give the guests the chance to create something using their own craftsmanship or do another type of fun activity? Most hosts will find that this can be done many different ways depending on the age of the guests. For this reason, planning in advance will prove to be very beneficial to the planning of this event.

Cheetah Girls homemade piñatas could come complete with group or individual pictures of the girls themselves; these portraits, which could be hand painted or taken from a magazine, could be surrounded by a lush border of pink or lavender paper mache.

In preparing these handmade piñatas for a Cheetah Girls party, the host even could get young guests into the act, encouraging them to adorn the piñatas with their own drawings of the Cheetah Girls.

For additional ideas regarding homemade piñatas for a Cheetah Girls party, the host could create piñatas in the likeness of classic feminine symbols like lipstick canisters and big diamond rings, or perhaps some more specific Cheetah Girl symbols; perhaps the paper mache likeness of a cheetah, for example, or just a round and colorful paper mache orb that bears a vibrant animal print. Aside from the prerequisite sugary candy, any of these piñatas could be filled with party supplies like sparkles and confetti, Cheetah Girl books, magazines, stamps and stickers, as well as ribbons, streamers, and small tokens like plastic sunglasses and silly bands, all in vivid animal prints.

Any young girl would absolutely flip for a rip ‘roaring’ Cheetah Girls party; a lively event that could come complete with some beautiful—not to mention fun--Cheetah Girls handmade piñatas.
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