Chinese New Year Coloring Pages

These free Chinese New Year coloring pages are a fun activity for the kids. Have the children color in pictures while waiting for other guests to arrive at the party. Also, this activity will keep the kids busy at the dinner table.

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The Chinese New Year is the second New Moon after the winter solstice. The free printable Chinese New Year Coloring Pages are a fun way to keep the kids occupied at the dinner table or a party. Chinese New Year Party Planning is celebrated every year, sometime between late January and late February, depending on a variety of factors. For a traditional festivity, make sure to have a candy tray (The Tray of Togetherness) that displays eight different kinds of dried fruit, each one symbolizing a different type of good fortune. Match the coloring page to your parties theme. Keep the drawings and laminate them. Then surprise the kids by using them for placemats at next years Chinese New Year celebration.
Chinese New Year Coloring Pages
The Party Supplies Hut has free printable party games including coloring pages, word scramble, word find, and word search.

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Chinese New Year Coloring Pages
Chinese New Year Word Find
Chinese New Year Word Scramble
Chinese New Year Word Search

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Chinese New Year Party Games

Nothing is more colorful or celebratory than a Chinese New Year party; and no Chinese New Year party would be complete without some scrumptious homemade cookies.

When planning homemade cookies for a Chinese New Year party, the natural choice just may be a batch of good old fashioned fortune cookies. For although they are not widely served in China, these light, flavorful cookies are often sold in Chinese restaurants, and are sometimes seen as fun symbols of this rich and exotic culture. As an added bonus they are easily prepared; a fortune cookie is basically a mix of sugar, oil, flour and vanilla—plus a sure to be momentous fortune, of course! Small, compact, hollow and most of all tasty, the fortune cookie is among the easiest to prepare—and the most fun to eat.

Aside from some yummy and theme-relevant homemade cookies, any Chinese New Year party will be further illuminated by the artful presentation of some decorative coloring pages. Sporting a variety of theme-related subjects, these Coloring Pages should capture the glamour and the spirit of Chinese New Year. They could display images from the Chinatown New Year Parade, with its colorful floats, marching bands, as well as lion teams. Or they could show various vibrant images representative of the Chinese New Year, including festive paper lamps in shades of red and gold, hand painted paper fans, finger traps, painted lion and dragon sculptures, Chinese astrological charts and—of course--fortune cookies. Guests indeed will feel most ‘fortunate’ to attend the ultimate Chinese New Year celebration.
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