Chinese New Year Party Favors

The Chinese New Year party guide have creative ideas for handmade party favors.  Plus, what's a celebration without theme oriented conversion!  Join in with interesting facts and unusual world records that match a Chinese New Year theme party.
Chinese New Year Party Favors . 200+ Theme Matching Conversation Starters

Sending your guests home with Chinese New Year homemade party favors will help them to preserve the memories of the great party. There a variety of different Chinese New Year party favors that one can create but, here are just a few.

One of the most unique handmade party favors for the Chinese New Year would be to create a Chinese takeout box. These unique party favors can be created out of card stock and decorated to look just like a traditional Chinese take-out box. Once the boxes are created, one can fill them with a variety of different Chinese candies or other delightful Chinese trinkets.

Another great homemade party favor for the Chinese New Year would be to create a Chinese Lollipop. The supplies to make these great favors can be purchased at your local party store. This includes the candy melts, plastic wrappers, and the lollipop sticks. One can even use red and gold candy melts to make such designs as dragons, luck, long life, and double happiness lollipops. To achieve this all that needs to be done is to melt the chocolate then paint it in gold. Once this is done allow the candies to dry and then fill the cavity with red melted candy. Then, simply add the stick and allow it to cool for several hours. Once cool, simply wrap with the plastic wraps and set at each table setting.

Handmade party favors for the Chinese New Year is a great way to celebrate life, love, and happiness with friends and family.
Chinese New Year World Record, Facts and Party Talk!

Longest Chronological Record in History

When throwing a Chinese New Year party enjoy some Holiday related talk for some interesting party conversation. The Chinese Lunar New Year is the longest chronological record in history. It dates back from 2600 BC, when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the zodiac.

Lots more unique world records, party conversation ideas, facts to talk about at your next party!  Conversation to fit the party theme - AMAZING! Chinese New Year Party Favors
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Chinese New Year Party Favors

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