Handmade Chinese New Year Pinatas

Chinese New Year Pinatas for Chinese New Year theme parties plus the pinata filler, the blindfold mask and bat to match. Make your event festive using a pinata as a decoration. The Chinese New Year is the second New Moon after the winter solstice. .

Chinese New Year Pinatas . Chinese New Year Blindfold Mask & Bat . Chinese New Year Pinata Filler

The end of January, 2012, will make the Chinese New Year for the year of the dragon, so your handmade Chinese New Year piñata will need to have that certain theme.

Making a piñata isn’t difficult, so your homemade Chinese New Year piñata will shine and stand out as the center of the entertainment at your party. You will need a blown up round balloon for the dragon’s body, and a smaller one for the head. You might even use smaller balloons for part of the tail. These balloons will be covered with paper mache, which is made from flour and water. Just mix the flour and water together until it forms a paste. Take some newspaper shreddings and cover them with the paste. Then apply them to the balloons. The balloons will need to be completely covered with this paper mache material, except for a hole at the top, and when it all dries, then the balloons get popped and carefully removed from the inside of the piñata. Then assemble each of the balloons to resemble something of a dragon. These pieces will all need to be glued together.

Now your homemade Chinese New Year piñata will need to be decorated. Paint it in vibrate colors, making sure you have a dragon’s face on it. The dragon’s tongue can be made of red or pink crepe paper that is glued to the mouth. In fact, crepe paper shavings can be glued all over the dragon to create fins, scales, and colored paper that blows in the wind as a child tries to knock open the piñata. Hang it high with a strong string, and there you have it!
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