Circus Carnival Clowns Party Favors

The Circus Carnival Clowns party guide have creative ideas for handmade party favors.  Plus, what's a celebration without theme oriented conversion!  Join in with interesting facts and unusual world records that match a Circus Carnival Clowns theme party.
Circus Carnival Clowns Party Favors . 200+ Theme Matching Conversation Starters

Creating handmade party favors for a Circus Carnival Clowns party is easier than a person might think. The number one most noticeable thing about Circus Carnival Clowns is their nose. Homemade clown noses are cost effective and a ton of fun for guests.

Depending on whether children or adults will be attending the party, many things can be done with clown noses. For example, if throwing a Circus Carnival Clowns birthday party for a little girl, the homemade party favor might be pink, or even sparkly. For a little boy, the traditional red nose is best.

Start off by selecting a base material for the nose. This could be foam sponge, Styrofoam or just about anything that can hold a shape and safely be placed on a nose. Once the base material is chosen, cut a slit in the material just wide enough for a nose to fit into it. If the handmade party favors are for adults, be sure to create a slit in the Circus Carnival Clowns nose big enough to fit an adult size nose.

When the slit is made, paint the nose according to the actual Circus Carnival Clowns theme. Add polka dots for a fun addition, glitter (on the outside) for a bit of pizzazz or even create a black nose for a dramatic Circus Carnival Clown! The choices are endless. It is fund to even create a variety of different homemade clown nosed so that people have different ones.

Handmade party favors are great because they are cost effective and go that extra mile that guests always love.
Circus Carnival Clowns World Record, Facts and Party Talk!

World Record for Most Running Leaps On and Off a Horse

When throwing a Circus Carnival Clowns party enjoy some Theme related talk for some interesting party conversation. Edwin "Poodles" Hanneford (famous clown) holds the Guinness world record for performing running leaps onto a horse at full gallop then stepping off again and running and leaping back up again - 26 times in succession. He got his nickname "Poodles" from an aunt who at 3 days old, thought he looked like a Poodle.

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Circus Carnival Clowns Party Favors

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