Educational Circus Carnival Clowns Theme Party

Enjoy the Circus Carnival Clowns party by adding an educational learning experience. A festive party can be had with an educational twist.
Circus Carnival Clowns Theme Party Supplies . 200+ Educational Party Ideas

Circus Carnival Clowns is a Carnival theme party opportunity to include education, entertainment, and fun! To begin, have several physical activities that not only teach gross motor skills but help burn off excess energy.

This party will probably work best outdoors, under Carnival tents, but will work inside as well with some careful planning. As a filler activity to use both when parents are dropping off their children as well as when parents are arriving to pick children up from the Carnival theme party, since not everyone arrives or leaves at the same time. Just hide animal plastic animal toys around the party area, and allow the guests to go on an animal hunt to round up all the circus animals at your circus clown party! It could not be more simple!

Next, help teach gross motor skills to your party guests in a Carnival manner by creating this fun version of the high wire! Simply use plastic sheeting and tent stakes to secure the plastic to the ground. On top of this, use a brightly colored duct tape to create your wire. Give party Circus Carnival Clowns the chance to walk the wire. Anyone able to complete the wire walk without "falling off" wins a prize. Anyone who falls off can try again until they get it right! This circus clown game can be enhanced by allowing all the clowns to have a clown face painted on before the games begin, and letting them carry an umbrella across the wire and for older Circus Carnival Clowns, make it a little more tough by having them walk the wire with a book balanced on their heads. These carnival circus clown games are simple, but effective and entertaining at the same time, teaching team work, creativity, and gross motor skills in a Carnival style!

For a fun Circus Carnival Clowns theme party, the Party Supplies Hut has all your Circus Carnival Clowns party themed supplies. Classical Carnival circus clown music, paint painting, juggling, and magic are prefect for a Carnival theme party. If you're planning a birthday party for a child or an adult you may find that guests get a kick out of a circus clown theme and Carnival themes as well. Hire a few clowns to make balloon animals and perform juggling tricks. Push the big top feel with colorful lights and decorations. Dress up as a lion tamer and carry a whip for a more Carnival feel. Don't forget to put a fake stuffed lion in the corner of a room. Party Theme combining is a clever way to make your event unique and extra special. Take your guests into the world of the Circus Carnival Clowns theme party by following the party theme throughout the party. Create a feeling of Circus Carnival Clowns Theme Party.


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