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The party guide helps plan a themed Class Reunion event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

A class reunion party music playlist can go one of two ways. The first way being creating a song list that has modern music that most everyone will recognize ranging from rock and rap to jazz, country and more. Guests will immediately recognize and sing along to these hits. Another way to go is to use the music strictly from the year the class graduated. This will be different for everyone but finding music from a specific year is easy to do over the internet. Just think bak to the songs you daned to at the prom.

The best way to search the internet for a song from a specific year is to put the search query in quotation marks. This tells the search engine that you are searching exactly for that phrase. This will make it so much easier to find desired tunes.

If looking to keep the class reunion party current, the below list is a compound of the most popular songs of 2010 to help create one of your most important party supplies :

Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas
Born This Way – Lady Gaga
Look at me now – Chris Brown
On the Floor – Jennifer Lopez
Rolling In The Deep – Adele
Grenade – Bruno mars
Pretty Girl Rock – Keri Hilson
What the Hell – Avril Lavigne
Raise Your Glass – Pink
Without You – Keith Urban
Live a Little – Kenny Chesney
Little Miss – Sugarland Make sure that the playlist reflects the mood of the happening. A box can serve a dual purpose by first being able to hold supplies, but also be decorated on the outside for decor use. Don't be hesitant about asking parents to help out at a celebration for children. With a little imagination and white poster board, crayons, coloring pencils, tape, staples and printed photo images that can be cut, kids can create their own paper hats.

Homemade party supplies and party goods will make planning your Class Reunion easy. Planning a class reunion brings back a lot of memories and most often those memories include old photos and old party supplies. These are the things that will evoke precious memories. Therefore, this is the perfect time for making handmade scrapbooks and Class Reunion banners using photos. Test the limits of your creativity and crafty skills. Homemade Class Reunion scrapbooks and banners will bring back a lot of memories of the fun times from the past. These handmade Class Reunion scrapbooks and banners will make perfect additions to the party and will be full of sweet memories. Guests are sure to smile at their presence.

Scrapbooking is a great way of taking homemade photos, adding a few memories and creating a perfect class reunion keepsake. There is no comparison to an average handmade scrapbook and one made specifically for a class reunion. A quick way to prepare a Class Reunion scrapbook or Class Reunion banners is to review the class yearbooks and then choose approximately eight to ten specific areas to target. Take plenty of time to make the best choices possible.

Most class reunion scrapbooks will contain a variety of handmade titles that target specific events and activities. In this way it reflects the old school yearbook. For instance, page one could have a title and on this page information about the other pages, as well as simple class information. Then use the following pages to list different activities such as: sports; school dances; special events; classes and superlatives. More than likely, school dances, sports and superlatives will need a little more space. Apart from that, a handmade Class Reunion banner can be created used the same method. Imagine guests' delight when they see this masterwork!

Along with your other class reunion party supplies, adding a cake that says the class year is important. Guests are sure to expect this tasty treat at this memorable happening. In order to achieve this, you will need:

Crispy Treats

Food coloring
2- ˝ inch wooden dowels
A cake

First, take the iced cake you will be using and stick the dowels in the area you want to display the class year. Be sure to leave the amount of space needed for the size the numbers will be.

Using the Crispy Treats, shape the numbers around the dowels. For example, if the graduating class is from 1984, the two numbers used would be 84. The dowels will hold the numbers up straight and keep them secured to the cake. After the treats are shaped accordingly, ice them in a color of your choice. Typically, black icing works best. Yet feel free to use your class colors or other hues. Add fondant over white icing for a smooth effect. The end results should be nothing short of beautiful. This cake is one guests are sure to remember.

Throughout the rest of the class reunion theme cake use the school colors. The base of the cake can be one school color while the details could be done in the other school color. Adding accents of white or black is also a great idea to separate the colors and add more detail to the whole look. All the work will be worth it when guests see the end result.

Much of a class reunion success relies on how well the departing class prepared before graduation. If class records were well documented then class reunion invitations go out more smoothly. If class pictures were well preserved then photo presentation can be prepared more easily for the class reunion. When a conscientious class president is elected then the class reunion is more likely to be planned and hosted.

The time to prepare for the perfect class reunion is before graduation. If like many of us those ducks weren't in a row we find organizing a simple class reunion to be a real head ache. Unfortunately, the task of finding people with whom the class has lost contact is the most troublesome. When families have moved from the area this task can be nearly impossible.

There are a few online sources which can help with this effort. Try just entering names of graduates into the search engine. Often addresses and phone numbers are readily available. Sometimes email addresses can be found on the internet too.

When trying to gather information to fill in information about the class since graduation, prepare a questionnaire. This is best e-mailed but ordinary mail will work well enough too. When enough questionnaires are returned arrange the information in a readable format with photos where they have been made available.

Renting a hall and hiring a caterer may be the most difficult tasks in planning a class reunion but there may be others. In some ways this is like putting together those proms of the old days. In some affluent areas it may be expected that the organizers of a class reunion contract a block of rooms for out of town guests to use. This helps since hotels book up quickly in many areas. It may be possible to rent a hotels' conference or party facilities and extend room discounts to classmates.

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Class Reunion History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Class Reunion theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

The Class Reunion party is a time-honored tradition that has been celebrated for generations. As long as we have schools and classes we will have class reunions. Yet the nature and character of this celebration has changed through the years. For that matter, no two reunions are alike.

Formal class reunion invitations from institutions such as Yale and Harvard date to the 17 and 1800s, reflecting a solemn ceremony that took place at the school. The elegantly worded invitations implored guests to be on time for festivities, and to—in lieu of their presence—write detailed letters relating the details of their postgraduate lives. The formality of this occasion would seem foreign to most these days.

Through the years, these yearly get-togethers have become more casual in nature. Classmates meet at restaurants, country clubs and public parks for meals and conversation. The goal is always fun, nothing more. Sometimes hosts will give out casual awards to classmates who have earned special distinctions for the Most Changed, Most Successful, Happiest Couple, etc. Winners of these titles are sure to feel proud. Guests will pour over yearbooks and laugh about old memories, sharing treasured anecdotes from their youth while relating the details of their current lives.

Also changed are the ways in which people record the details of their class reunions. While participants once wrote long, detailed narratives of their class reunion parties, classmates now can videotape and photograph these events as they happen for historical and sentimental purposes. This makes it easier to recall these events in detail.

And while organizers of Class Reunion parties once had to make numerous phone calls and even post newspaper announcements to locate old classmates, they now can go online to find old friends at designated reunion websites. Hence it is far easier to locate and invite old friends.

While the particulars of Class Reunions change over time, their great meaning and sentimental spirit remain the same throughout the years. Plan the ultimate Class Reunion today! Gather up some leftover brown packing boxes, wrap them in a matching theme color design and place them throughout the event space for instant decorations. Everyone does not drink alcohol, be inclusive when planning a get-together and have a choice of drinks that include non-alcoholic opinions. Gather up some leftover brown packing boxes, wrap them in a matching theme color design and place them throughout the event space for instant decorations. The history of Class Reunion has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Class Reunion to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Class Reunion
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