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Spice up the dinner table with free printable food label cards, yummy recipes, and pen and paper activities to match a Dallas Cowboys Theme party.  Our theme matching party guide can help your event be a success.
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Dallas Cowboys Sweet n’ Spicy Meatball Sticks

Appetizers are a must at football parties. They are easy to carry around and no one has to worry about using a knife and fork while they are trying to cheer along with the game. For your next football party, try serving up some Dallas Cowboys Sweet n’ Spicy Meatball Sticks. This recipe incorporates the Tex-Mex flavors of Dallas, Texas, but still brings a little Italian flare to the mix. This recipe can make up to 30 good-sized meatballs.

1 Pound Ground Hamburger
1 Teaspoon Cumin
1 Tablespoon Franks Red Hot Sauce 1/4 Red Onion, Finely Minced
2 Cloves Garlic, Finely Minced
1 Large Egg, Slightly Beaten
¼ Cup Breadcrumbs
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire Sauce
1 Teaspoon Kosher Salt
1- 16oz. Bottle of Sweet BBQ Sauce
½ Cup Soy Sauce

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees. In a large bowl combine your hamburger, cumin, hot sauce, onion, garlic, egg, Worcestershire sauce, salt and bread crumbs. Mix together with your hands or a spoon until everything is evenly incorporated. Roll out meatballs the size of a golf ball or slightly smaller and layer on a baking sheet. Do not spray your baking sheet. The fat from the meatballs will be enough coating on their own. Bake your meatballs for 15 minutes or until the center is no longer red. In a medium saucepan, combine BBQ sauce and soy sauce and bring up to a boil. Reduce heat and allow to simmer until a thick sauce has formed. Toss your meatballs in the sauce and place small toothpicks in the center. Serve piping hot if possible for best results.

You’re guests will love your creativity as you follow along with the theme of your Dallas Cowboys party and serve up a spicy rendition of meatballs. If you are looking for a more mild taste, omit the hot sauce and follow the recipe as is. No matter how you prepare them, your Dallas Cowboys Sweet n’ Spicy Meatball Sticks will certainly please your crowd. Never underestimate the power of a clear glass bowl; fill it with flowers, or glass marbles, or seashells, or candy or chips, or make it a dish garden centerpiece or put holiday ornaments in it. Just for the fun of it on occasion use the use silver, the best dishes, and the antique table cloth just because the special occasion; is life. Never underestimate the power of a clear glass bowl; fill it with flowers, or glass marbles, or seashells, or candy or chips, or make it a dish garden centerpiece or put holiday ornaments in it.

Free Dallas Cowboys Theme Recipe
Free Dallas Cowboys Theme Menu
Free Dallas Cowboys Food Label Cards
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Free Dallas Cowboys Party Game
Keep the guests moving, laughing, and entertained with these Dallas Cowboys Party Tips. Try creating a menu to match the celebration.

Dallas Cowboys party menu is going to need to be bigger than life, as this is a team built as America’s team and sees them as bigger than life. When the planning for these parties gets underway the choices have to be made based upon who’s being sent invitations to these types of parties. In the case a party that’s going to be a high end bar or restaurant then the food is also going to be a select type of recipes that will be placed on menus.

The best Dallas Cowboys party menu starts of with a choice of steaks t-bone steak, NY strip steak or porterhouse, corn on the cob, mushrooms and onions. The appetizers and deserts menu, popcorn shrimp, French onion soup, chocolate cake, apple or cherry pie with ice cream Those who receive these invitations are going to be expecting a great setting with good food and excellent entertainment, including great views of the televisions showing the game.

The décor should be in complimentary to the existing décor of the site hosting the party. Dallas Cowboys party menu needs to include a good selection of food and drinks. The best story that can be told about these parties never get told, because those where chosen for invites are generally reluctant to say anything beyond having a good time and a compliment about the food. By just adding even one simple food item to the menu will help create a complete Dallas Cowboys event mood.

Free printable Dallas Cowboys food label cards to  that go with the festivities. Use at the buffet to label the dishes or place on the dinner table for assigned seating.
Dallas Cowboys Placename Cards

Instantly Print Food Label Cards!

Knock the Hat off the Dallas Cowboys
This game is very easy to play and can be played either indoors or outside. However, if it is played inside it is suggested that a soft football be used. Before the game, the host will put a Dallas Cowboys hat on a basketball and place it on a table (or higher level object). Your guests will take turns (one at a time) and attempt to knock the hat off the cowboy by tossing a football toward the hat. Each guest at your Dallas Cowboys football party will get three attempts and each time the hat is knocked off they take one step back before the next toss. This game can be played on an individual basis or in teams. The person or teams that score the most points win the game. Lots more Dallas Cowboys celebration thoughts here Theme Party Games. Also, check out the NFL Football Party Ideas.

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