Handmade Easter Pinatas

Easter Pinatas for Easter theme parties plus the pinata filler, the blindfold mask and bat to match. Make your event festive using a pinata as a decoration. Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon after the moon's Spring Equinox..

Easter Pinatas . Easter Blindfold Mask & Bat . Easter Pinata Filler

It would be great to find a balloon in the shape of an egg to create your homemade Easter piñata. But if only round ones are available, they will work, too.

You will need a balloon to start off with. This balloon, once blown up, will be covered with paper mache. To make the paper mache, you will need flour and water. Mix the two ingredients together until they form a pasty consistency. Then dip newspaper shreddings into the paste, and cover the balloon with these shreds of newspaper. They will stick nicely. Leave a hole at the top in order to add the candy later. Then let it all dry. When dried, pop the balloon and pull it out of the piñata.

When you’re ready to decorate your handmade Easter pinata, use your imagination and plenty of pastel colors for the holiday. Pink and light blue polka dots would look great on a white background. So, paint the Easter egg piñata white first, then add the dots. Or, you can add stripes of green and yellow. You might just want to paint a bunny on it and dress it in overalls. The image of the rabbit can also be holding a basket of colorful eggs. So, use your imagination to create a colorful piñata for the party.

After decorating your handmade Easter piñata, fill it from the top hole with candy and other goodies for the kids. Use a strong string that will hold the weight of the piñata and candies to hang it up. You can glue the string, staple it, or use a crafting need to affix it to the piñata. Experiment with different techniques until you find the right one for your piñata. Then watch the kids have a ball! Even if it is a family get-together make sure it will be alright to bring the kids along. Make your own get-together kit to ease the stress for the day.
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