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The party guide helps plan a themed Engagement event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

Engagement themed parties take on just about the same rules in music selection as a wedding song list. Indeed, many of the same tunes can be played at both events. They revolve around a love theme, being together and happiness. Save the 'love stinks' and the hardcore rap songs for another soiree. If you are looking to do something different, you can always simply gather contemporary music and your favorite oldies for a fun time. A nice balance of each is sure to achieve best results. The list below showcases some of the best music for engagement parties and should make it on your party supplies list.

As Time Goes By – Frank Sinatra
Come Rain or Shine – Ray Charles
At Last – Etta James
Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Elton John
Because You Love Me – Celine Dion
Chances Are – Johnny Mathis
Can’t Help Falling In Love – Elvis Presley
Dream a Little Dream – Mammas & Pappas
Close to You – The Carpenters
Could I Have This Dance – Anne Murray
Endless Love – Diana Ross and Lionel Richie
Forever and Ever, Amen – Randy Travis
So This Is Love – James Ingram
It Had To Be You – Harry Connick, Jr.
The Best Is Yet to Come – Frank Sinatra
Woman – John Lennon
Your Song – Elton John
Our Love Is Here to Stay – Billie Holiday

Any of these songs are sure to bring a tear to the eye and a lift to the heart. It is important to choose an engagement song list that is a balance between the traditional, what he likes and what she likes. By doing so, everyone will be happy and the mood of the engagement party will be a success. Couples are sure to dance long into the night at this special event. A box can serve a dual purpose by first being able to hold supplies, but also be decorated on the outside for decor use. Don't be hesitant about asking parents to help out at a celebration for children. With a little imagination and white poster board, crayons, coloring pencils, tape, staples and printed photo images that can be cut, kids can create their own paper hats.

Planning and organizing an Engagement Party can be made much easier with homemade party supplies and other items. The personal touch is always appreciated at such an individual occasion. An engagement party is a special time in the life of the precious couple planning to make the biggest announcement of a lifetime. Therefore, homemade party supplies such as handmade streamers, gift baskets and costume jewelry will make this party special. Be sure to douse the party area in splashes of glamour.

Homemade party supplies and various other handmade party items will make an ordinary Engagement Party very special. Lift the bar for a truly first lass celebration. Homemade party supplies, such as homemade party streamers and handmade Engagement Party banners are important to an engagement party. Homemade streamers can be made a variety of ways, but the simplest homemade streamers to make are made with crepe paper. This simple but pretty accent is welcome at any event. This handmade party supply and engagement party paper streamer will compare to most other homemade paper streamers.

Engagement party homemade party supplies and paper streamers can be very elegant. They can give the room a sharp and beautiful appearance. First of all, to make homemade paper streamers for an Engagement party, using five to six feet of crepe paper of various colors, roll out the amount that is needed and cut. Once the paper has been cut, take either a pencil or nail file and pull down the crepe paper with a strong motion. This action will cause the crepe paper to crinkle or wave. As this happens, the paper can be twisted and for the most part, it will fall into place, making perfect homemade anniversary party paper streamers. As with all homemade decorations, the time devoted to making homemade engagement party streamers for an engagement party will be short in comparison to the pleasure the guests get from the homemade party supplies. The smiles on their faces will make all the work worth it.

An engagement cake as well as all of the party supplies involved in an engagement party should be the direct reflection of the couple being married. Aside from being tasty the cake should remind guests of the couple. Some couples are more formal while others are more laid back. The cake should generally follow the structure of their lifestyle and desires. An overly flowery and frilly cake may not be perfect for every couple.

For a more formal engagement cake, white, ivories and different shades of pastel colors could be used. The pastry will have a lovely and classic look. These colors are formal yet soft and elegant. Even if the couple’s wedding colors will be bold and completely different, an elegant engagement cake such of this would be a nice touch. Some couples, however, prefer to stick with using their wedding colors throughout everything they do, including the creation of their engagement cake. So be sure to know these hues as you plan the cake.

For more laid back couples, an engagement cake can simply be a collaboration of things they love to do together as well as hobbies they have individually. They will delight as they see reminders of their lives together. A one or two layer cake can be a canvas for a canoe going through a river, a mountain for mountain climbing, a television in one area with a model cat in another area of the cake. An eclectic cake such as this shows personality as well as being fun and light-hearted.

Throwing an Engagement Party is the best way to show a friend or relative how valued their happiness is to others. The occasion when betrothal is formally announced is one of the happiest if not the giddiest. The form and level of preparation for an Engagement Party is really up to the people involved.

In some social sets an Engagement Party is fairly formal. These aren’t often black or white tie but can frequently require cocktail dress. In this case a cash bar with a small band is appropriate but catering is not necessary.

At the other end of the social spectrum where most Americans find themselves, an Engagement Party is a less formal dinner party. For this the good china can be used with the best tablecloth in the formal dining room. But make sure the groom has visited an jewelry store for a Wedding and Engagement ring prior to the event.

Later after the guests of honor have made their big announcement is the time to clear the dishes and bring out the coffee and cake. That may be the best time to switch to paper party goods with the appropriate Engagement Party theme. This allows for less late night clean up.

Still others may want to forfeit the formal dinner party in favor of a simple announcement over tea and cake. When this is the case it doesn’t hurt to use paper party goods for all of the serving and decorating. Appetizers can be added to this party so that there are near meal offerings. Cubed cheese and meats are fine as are pickle tray items.

Whichever route is chosen make sure that this is not a surprise party. Don’t steal the thunder from the happy couple but hint at the nature of the occasion. Guests might be told that the couple has something important to announce if the words “Engagement Party” aren’t to be used outright.

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Engagement History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Engagement theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

An Engagement Party often is regarded as a light, fun festivity. A chance for good friends to get together for laughter and fun. The fact is, though, that the history and evolution of the Engagement Party is a reflection of the changing roles of women—and, for that matter, of relationships in general—in society. The sisters are doin' it for themselves when it comes to these soirees.

Shockingly, brides to be in ancient Greece were not even permitted to attend their own engagement parties. At that time, the ‘party’ was more like a business transaction in which the bride’s father bartered away his daughter’s hand in marriage to the groom. Hardly a time for celebration among the majority of young women.

Up through the 1960s in America, when father still was supposed to know best, dads hosted the engagement parties on behalf of their children. This was still not a girls' night out occasion. Often the father of the bride or groom would announce the engagement; then friends and family members would gather around the happy couple to shower them with congratulations and warm wishes.

Gifts have been added to this equation in modern times, as has the active participation of the bride to be in her own engagement party. This is the bride's real chance to glow and shine. Today the couple works together to plan their own party (which is sometimes staged at the home they share—an unthinkable concept in olden times), which often involves food, gift giving, and perhaps music and dancing.

The modern engagement party kicks off the long, complex wedding planning process; and, with the exception of the bachelor and bachelorette parties (yep, the brides get to enjoy those too—who’d a thunk it?!), this is one of the last times the couple will enjoy fun with friends before saying, “I do.” Join the fun—plan an Engagement Party today! Gather up some leftover brown packing boxes, wrap them in a matching theme color design and place them throughout the event space for instant decorations. Everyone does not drink alcohol, be inclusive when planning a get-together and have a choice of drinks that include non-alcoholic opinions. Gather up some leftover brown packing boxes, wrap them in a matching theme color design and place them throughout the event space for instant decorations. The history of Engagement has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Engagement to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Engagement
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