Educational Fiesta Theme Party

Enjoy the Fiesta party by adding an educational learning experience. A festive party can be had with an educational twist.
Fiesta Theme Party Supplies . 200+ Educational Party Ideas

Fiesta is the Spanish word for party. So why not throw an educational fiesta to teach your party guests about the Spanish culture and have a good time? Here are some educational activities that you can do during your fiesta that will keep the learning fun. Most hosts will find that planning and organizing for the event will prove beneficial. Therefore make your shopping list for the celebration in advance. From the foods and drinks to the desserts and take home treats, this simple touch will add a great deal to the event and make the celebration very popular. Any fiesta needs a piņata, right? Well, before you gear up to bust open the piņata, you should let your party guests learn a bit about why they are such a common thing in the Spanish culture; and maybe let the guests try their own hand at making a miniature one. This will require several craft materials and could get a bit messy, so if that is an activity you want to use, you will want to plan accordingly, and let the guests know, too. With all sorts of nacho, burrito, and taco fixings on hand, have all the party guests work together to create their own food platters. With all those food platters in hand, you could have an eating contest to see who can eat the most burritos, nachos, and/or tacos in a given amount of time. Here they learn about food preparation and what elements are prominent in Spanish and Mexican cuisine, while getting the fun of eating it and winning prizes. It is advised, however, to be very careful and offer only one of the three options as the contest, so that you can be sure it is safe, and avoid choking hazards. Of course, there is dessert cuisine, too, so make fried ice cream together and eat it too!

Remember, the more stress-free your planning, the more fun you will have! Celebration idea: Always plan ahead, including checking the weather forecast and booking venues. Remember, the more stress-free your planning, the more fun you will have!

For a fun Fiesta theme party, the Party Supplies Hut has all your Fiesta party themed supplies. Fiesta theme party with Mexican food and decorations using red, white and green will help give the feel of a true fiesta. Make your next Fiesta Tex-Mex with a hint of Country Western. Guests can come wearing cowboy hats, boots and ponchos. Cook up a mix of Mexican and Texan style food with grilled steak burritos. Play some western music and put up some colorful streamers and chili pepper lights. Party Theme combining is a clever way to make your event unique and extra special. Take your guests into the world of the Fiesta theme party by following the party theme throughout the party. Create a feeling of Fiesta Theme Party.

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