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The party guide helps plan a themed Fifties event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

A swinging Fifties party with dancing, rock n’rollin’ music sounds like a blast. Celebrating a special event with outstanding performances that include singing, dancing and acting is a great way to keep the guests involved in the celebration. These fun activities are perfect for guests of all ages and will add a great deal to the celebration. More often than not, these performances will be the perfect addition to a fun filled and exciting event. Throw a Fifties dance party or sock hop with a playlist that will keep the cool cats and dollies dance all night long. Top rock n roll socks of the decade include:

Johnny B. Goode - Chuck Berry
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis Presley
Rock Around The Clock - Bill Haley & His Comets
Tutti-Frutti - Little Richard
Whole Lot of Shakin' Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis
What'd I Say - Ray Charles
Summertime Blues - Eddie Cochran
Hound Dog - Elvis Presley
Long Tall Sally - Little Richard
That'll Be The Day - Buddy Holly & the Crickets
Blue Suede Shoes - Carl Perkins
do not Be Cruel - Elvis Presley
Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard

Fifties albums to consider with quality music from the decade such as the Ultimate Rock & Roll Collection: 50's and Chart Toppers: Dance Hits of 50's. cannot dance to 50s music with knowing a few popular dances such as Swing, The Madison, The Bop, The Hand Jive, and The Twist. Include Fifties party supplies and this will be a party that cannot and should not be missed. Plan exciting games and activities for the guests to enjoy and tell them in the invites while keep some of it a secret until they get there. Arrange furniture for a get-to-gather in small groups to help initiate conversations. Share some of the event social thoughts with the guests in the invitations in order for them to be excited and look forward to the festivities.

Homemade party supplies such as personalized banners, Fifties door covers and balloon bouquets, along with other party goods will make planning your Fifties party stress free. Planning a Fifties party will bring back a lot of memories which include fifties party music, colorful balloon bouquets and homemade party supplies. A Fifties party is the ideal time for making handmade banners, handmade costumes and scrapbooks. Handmade Fifties banners and scrapbooks with photos and homemade party streamers are great add-ons to your Fifties party.

Most hosts will find that fun and exciting activities will be a great addition to this fun filled celebration. More often than not fun activities in which everyone can play and participate along with decorative supplies will liven up the event and make it very special. For this reason, planning and organization will be very beneficial for the host. Homemade Fifties party supplies such as balloon bouquets, party streamers and handmade music centerpieces will make ideal additions to your Fifties party. There is no comparison to an average handmade centerpiece and one made specifically for a Fifties party. An easy way to prepare a Fifties centerpiece is to review the memorabilia from the Fifties era and add those items to a traditional centerpiece.

Most Fifties handmade scrapbooks and homemade banners are personalized for this time and should contain handmade pages of various activities and photos from the Fifties. Additionally, party supplies, such as Fifties themed tableware (paper plates, tablecloth, etc…) along with party cups and napkins add a great deal to the party’s theme Most people will find that handmade Fifties banners and centerpieces are perfect additions to your Fifties party.

Many people find planning a fifties birthday party with a fifties themed cake can be very entertaining. This exciting and fun event is the ideal time for a variety of creative desserts and other tasty treats designed especially for this celebration. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of enjoyable fares that are designed especially for this gathering will make everyone feel very special. A great cake for a fifties themed birthday party is a white or marble sheet cake decorated with an interesting fifties theme. This cake is perfect for this party. The cake itself can be decorated with a variety of fifties accessories, such as socks (sock hop), records, poodle skirts, etc. Actually, the more fifties themed items the better the cake will look.

As with most theme parties, a fifties theme along with a fifties cake will make the party complete. The fifties themed cake can be decorated with a variety of icing flavors topped with an assortment of fifties related accessories and the addition of party supplies will only add to the occasion. The fifties party supplies selected for this party must be coordinated with the cake that has been chosen for the fifties party.

Furthermore, selecting a traditional cake for your fifties party can only add to the birthday party. This cake can be made with a variety of flavors perfect for the fifties party. Additionally, most people will agree that a fifties themed birthday party can be a lot of fun and the cake that is chosen for this fifties party will add to the party’s theme.

Pink poodle skirts and bobby socks worn with saddle shoes and pony tails are the iconoclastic appearance that announces the arrival of a Fifties Party. Worn by guests in a themed costume party or just used on the announcements and paper party goods; nothing says fifties era the same way. Many different themes could emerge during the planning stage for the Fifties Party. These fun items along with cute supplies are always a great addition to a celebration and fun posters that include designs and greetings that are perfect for the celebration will liven up the event and make everyone feel very special. More often than not, these signs and posters will add a lot of fun to the celebrated get together.

These days the Fifties Party could just as easily remind us of the beat generation and their wacky poetry readings as it could of the teen sock hop. The smoky coffee house with its bongos and beat-nick clientele would make a fun Fifties Party decorating theme. Open microphone poetry readings might be the best form of entertainment for party guests who already have a pretty good collection of their own writings or favorites that they are not afraid to read. A selection of flavors could adorn the coffee bar and a variety of pastries could round out the party fare.

The hay day of the drive-in movie might give a unique perspective to the Fifties Party while various grade B movies provide entertainment with Sodas and popcorn used as the simple party menu. The menu could be rounded out with hot dogs and hamburgers made with French fries on the side. Chili dogs and cheeseburgers would be more authentic favorites though. Milk shakes mixed to order is the best reminder of that by-gone time.

A Kid's Party or one geared toward toy collectors might feature the many toys that were popular at the time. Board games, dolls and construction kits could be featured in the decorations for this type of party. Both replicas and originals can be used in the décor but save the originals for displays when active child’s play or even rowdy adults are expected!

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Fifties History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Fifties theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

Getting ready to throw a 50th wedding anniversary party or some other form of a milestone event for someone you love and you happen to know that the fifties are their favorite era, whether they lived it, or just enjoy the history and memorabilia. Here is your chance to take great facts and moments and history and give them a party they will remember. Go through and check and see if there are any fifties themed diners in your area or close to you that you can rent out for your party venue. If you find something, let them know what you are planning and tell them this is to be a complete factual fifties party.

Most people are amazed at the history behind many celebrations and how music from the past and present will add to the event. Like other get togethers this small addition will add a great deal to the celebration. For this reason,guests of the party will find this celebration to be a lot of fun and very special. When you send out the invitations if you were able to get the venue you wanted be sure that the address is accurate and let the guests know you are planning to have your fifties style party and when and where.

Throwing a fifties themed party can be a lot of fun for everyone involved when you get the right facts, décor that actually fits with the era as well. Get different pictures from history that show what fun everyone had when they were involved in different dance offs, or sock hops. The fifties offer soda shop themes, records, poodle skirts and checkered floors, this was an era where most people were happy and waiting for the war to be over. Use this theme to your advantage whtehr you are planning a party or family event. Share some of the event social thoughts with the guests in the invitations in order for them to be excited and look forward to the festivities. Invite your guests to a costume ball and bring back a hint of the past. Share some of the event social thoughts with the guests in the invitations in order for them to be excited and look forward to the festivities. The history of Fifties has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Fifties to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Fifties
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