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Spice up the dinner table with free printable food label cards, yummy recipes, and pen and paper activities to match a Finding Nemo Birthday party.  Our theme matching party guide can help your event be a success.
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Nemo's Pizza

Big celebrations are always fun specially when being around family. It also makes it even better when accompanied by a good yummy pizza. Children love pizza therefore at Charlie's graduation my sister Maggie prepared the most delicious piazza ever tasted and this is how she made it:

1 pkg dry yeast 1 1/3 c warm water (110 to 115 degrees)
1 t sugar
3 1/2 c unbleached flour
1 c cake flour
1 1/2 t salt
1 c plus 2 T olive oil
3 t minced garlic
(1) 15-oz can tomato sauce
(1) 12-oz can tomato paste
2 t oregano
2 t basil
2 c sliced mushrooms
Salt and pepper
1 lb Italian sausage (hot or sweet)
1/2 t crushed fennel seeds
2 T butter
8 c blanched, roughly chopped broccoli
1 T shortening
3 1/2 c grated mozzarella cheese
1/2 c grated Parmesan cheese

Dissolve yeast in warm water; stir in sugar. Combine flours and salt, and gradually add the dissolved yeast and 1/4 cup of the oil. Knead until the texture is smooth. Put in a large bowl, cover with plastic wrap, and let rise until triple in bulk (2-3 hours).

Meanwhile, prepare the fillings. Heat 1/4 cup of the oil in a saute pan, add 2 t garlic, and cook for 30 seconds (without browning.) Stir in the tomato sauce and paste, simmer until thickened. Stir in basil and oregano, set aside to cool. Head 2 T of the oil and saute the mushrooms until lightly browned and the liquid is evaporated. Season to taste, and set aside to cool. Remove and discard the casings from sausage, crumble and add the sausage to the pan along with fennel. Cook thoroughly, remove and cool. Heat the butter and 2 T of the oil; at 1 t of garlic and stir for 30 seconds. Stir in the broccoli until coated well and any liquid is evaporated. Season to taste; set aside.

When the dough has risen, punch down. Cut off about 2/5 of it and set aside. Grease a 14 x 1 1/2" deep-dish pizza pan with the shortening. On a floured board, rool out 3/5 of the dough to a 20" circle. Fit to the pan, letting the exess dough hang over the side. Brush the dough with 1 T of the oil; sprinkle with salt. Sprinkle 1 c of the mozzarella over the dough. Spread the tomato sauce across the cheese, spread the mushrooms over the tomatoes, and cover with 1 c of mozzarella. Roll out the remaining dough to approximately a 14" circle. Brush the sides of the dough inside the pan with water. Fit the 14" round into the pan. Press edges (pull if necessary) against the moustened dough to seal it. Trim the overhanging dough to 1/2" and wet it again. Fold inward and crimp to form a raised rim around the pan edge. Cut a steam vent in the top layer of the dough, and brush with 1 T of the oil. Spread the sausage across the dough and cover with the broccoli. Combine the remaining cheeses and sprinkle across the broccoli; drizzle with 1/4 c of oil. Bake in a preheated 425 degree oven for 30-40 minutes. Freezes well.

Ideas: put the broccoli and sausage on the lower layer, and the tomatoes and mushrooms on the top layer. This way the broccoli stays moist.

For a vegetarian pizza, replace the sausage with 4 c sliced onions, lightly browned in 2 T oil. Or, you can keep the sausage and add the onions anyway.

Pizza is always a great fun meal to have and we enjoy it very much at home but this particular one is just even better then the average pizza, its very healthy and easy to prepare it has this twist to it that is unexplainable try it and feel right in heaven. Celebrating the party with party recipes using Finding Nemo party supplies is the best idea to make the party enjoyable. This fun filled get together is the ideal time for a variety of creative sweets and other tasty treats designed especially for this event. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of enjoyable desserts that are designed especially for this gathering will make very happy and glad that came to the celebration. Add some ideas like Fairy Princess Recipe for more awesome celebration.

Free Finding Nemo Theme Recipe
Free Finding Nemo Theme Menu
Free Finding Nemo Food Label Cards
Free Finding Nemo Name Cards
Free Finding Nemo Party Game
Keep the guests moving, laughing, and entertained with theseFinding Nemo Party Ideas. Try creating a menu to match the party theme.

Look out for some great Finding Nemo party menu ideas. This exciting celebration is the ideal time for creative desserts and other party foods designed especially for this celebration. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of delicious foods that are designed especially for this celebration will make everyone feel very special. More often than not, these great party foods and desserts will add a lot of fun to the celebrated event.The kids will certainly love that you took the time to research your party event!

A Finding Nemo kids party menu can feature some of the many flavors from the ocean. Give the kids what they crave with Fish and Chips with plenty of vinegar and ketchup. The adults may appreciate some grill or fried scallops. Crab cakes are fun for everyone and the kids will love being able to pick them up to eat. If Crab isnít in the budget, opt for the Salmon patties instead using canned salmon meat. Thereís nothing wrong with some yummy sushi! The kids may scoff a little but the more adventurous in your group will certainly enjoy the chance to try something new on their taste buds. For dessert have some Finding Nemo Goo Goo Clusters with a hidden fish cracker inside each.

Finding Nemo Goo Goo Clusters are pretty tasty and give the kids that chocolaty flavor they love for the party. Youíll need; shelled peanuts, caramel, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and a package of fish crackers. Mix together in a warm pan the peanuts and the caramel. Scoop out large spoonfuls of the mixture, equaling clumps about 2 inches in diameter and place on wax paper. Place in freezer to freeze. Meanwhile melt down the semi-sweet chocolate in a pan. When the caramel is frozen dip each cluster in the melted chocolate to coat. Place back on wax paper to cool. Quickly press one or two fish shaped crackers into the top of the chocolaty covered Goo Goo Clusters. Place in fridge to cool. Serve up at your Finding Nemo party when the chocolate has hardened.

Now you've got your Finding Nemo party menu straightened out and you have one sugary candy recipe for the kids. Donít forget to set up some fun activities to play and do pick up a copy of the movie, Finding Nemo, for the kids to watch! By just adding even one simple food item to the menu will help create a complete Finding Nemo theme party feeling.

Free printable Finding Nemo food label cards to  match the party theme. Use at the buffet to label the dishes or place on the dinner table for assigned seating.
Finding Nemo Placename Cards

Instantly Print Food Label Cards!

WHO SEWS FASTER: Most of your guests will enjoy entertaining and fun activities while they enjoy good friends and delicious food. More often than not, these are the perfect ingredients for a great get together and celebration. The majority of the time these activities are designed for guests of all ages and exciting enough to keep everyone involved in the event. Two teams take part in this game. The players of each team must sew the players to one another as quickly as possible. Instead of the needle they use a spoon with the long thread or string tied to it. The players may be sewed to each other by the belts, straps or loops on the clothes. Lots more Finding Nemo party ideas here Birthday Party Games. Also, check out the Shark Tales Party Ideas.

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