First Communion Party Guide
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Add a finishing touch to a First Communion Theme party with a free printable activity including word search, word find, and word scrambles plus coloring pages.  Or just play these free party games fun for both kids and adults.

DESCRIBE ME? GAME: Tape an index card to each person’s back. Be sure to have enough First Communion party supplies on hand for your task. Ask everyone to mingle, and once they have a good impression of the person they are talking to, they are to write their ‘first impression’ of that person on the card taped to their back. After an hour or two of this, everyone should have a comment from almost everyone else in the room. Allow each person to take the card off their back now, and read it, delighting in the responses they’ve received. Not much for this game, try out the Baptism party game instead. Quick suggestion: Use movies or music to help set the mood when they are related to a theme or idea. Pick your favorite music and play it softly in the background before your guests arrive, to help you calm down and start to relax. Games will be most useful when selected accordingly to the age range of the participants.
Simple instructions to Theme party games to perfectly fit a First Communion celebration.
Free First Communion Game 1
Free First Communion Game 2
Free First Communion Game 3

Tons of Party Prizes
First Communion Party Games

Kids’ Crab Football: This fun activity makes a great choice for the First Communion Party Games because it will help to burn off pent up energy from the more solemn events you had scheduled earlier. It also lets everyone get out of their special occasion clothes and relax a bit. For this First Communion party game you’ll need a large beach ball and lots of space for the kids to move around in. Crab Football is just like regular soccer except the ball is larger and the players have to walk like crabs. You know how, right? Just bend over like you are going to do a back flip and scuttle around on your hands and feet.

Create a magical time at the First Communion party. Print right from your printer these free party games, puzzles and activities. Choose a free printable game or coloring page:

Fathers Day Party Games
Memorial Day Party Games
Mothers Day Party Games
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 Animal Scavenger Hunt: For this indoor or outdoor appropriate First Communion party game have the party divide into groups of three or four. Have each group choose an animal they want to pretend to be and make the adult in the group the Shepard. At the start of the game you will give the kids in each of the groups a list of hidden items you placed around the party area. The Shepards will all stay in the First Communion party games area while the ‘animals’ all go out searching for missing items. When a player finds an item they must call to the Shepard by making animal calls. The Shepard will recognize their players because the calls will be similar to the sounds made by their chosen animal. The Shepard will follow the sounds to their teammate and will get the missing item from the player and return to the First Communion party games area, while the ‘animal’ continues on the hunt to find more scavenger items. Those at the end of the hunt with the most items are the winners.

Printable First Communion Party Games
Printable First Communion Party Games

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