Golf Party Guide: Decorations & Crafts

Get crafty with fun Golf theme party craft ideas.  It's a blast to make a decorative centerpiece or wall hanging to match the party theme. The celebration begins the moment the event is planned. Lots of party decoration ideas to help make any event more festive.

Golf is a surprisingly addictive sport and as a party theme it’s surprisingly fun. That’s why you have to make it the party theme for your big celebration in honor of that special someone. What a better way to add entertainment and fun to a celebration than to give the guests a chance to create something using their own hands? Most hosts will find that this can be done many different ways depending on the age of the guests. For this reason, planning in advance and having a variety of materials available will prove to be very beneficial to the planning of this event. If you are looking for a craft idea to fit with your golf party theme, this Golf Mobile is perfect!

Golf Ball Mobile

For this unique Golf party craft you’ll need the following items; clay, craft wire, picture of golf ball, pen, 3 snap fishing swivels and double sided mounting tape, pliers.

To start your Golf Ball Mobile, make a one and a half inch thick round ball from white clay. Cut this ball in half so you have two hemispheres. Keep one hemisphere, and return other to clay package. Press the tip of a retractable pen into the rounded side of the clay to create a dimpled golf ball

While this is drying, cut three 6-inch lengths of 18-gauge craft wire. Bend one of the wires into a right angle. Use your pliers to make a small hook at one end of this first wire. Make a hole in the side of the clay ball with the other end of the wire. Remove the wire and bake the clay according to the package directions. Let your golf ball hemisphere cool.

Wrap the two other wires around the tip of the pliers to form a central loop one at a time. Next, you’ll want to bend the wires into right angles. From here you’ll make small hooks at the ends of these second and third pieces of wire. Hang three snap fishing swivels on the hooks, place one on the second wire and two on the third wire.

Cut out three pictures of golf balls. Glue a photo from your work to the back of each golf ball image. You can use the laminator at work if you like to laminate the images. Make a small hole near the top of each circle and hang each picture on a snap fishing swivel. Finally, hook the third wire to the free loop of the second wire. Then you can hook the second wire to the first wire. Stick a piece of double-sided mounting tape to the back of the ball, and then stick the first wire into the ball.

You’ve now got a great golf ball mobile that you can give to your guest of honor at that golf party. Match everything in your décor to extend to other rooms of the home. Trinkets are favorite little gifts among the kids. Match everything in your décor to extend to other rooms of the home.
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