Rasta Hat

Think 60's with these Rasta wigs that will make your Rasta costume complete for any costume party or Rasta themed event or celebration.

Rasta Hat
Party Store for Rasta Hat

Dress up crazy with Rasta Hats that are the hottest fashion in town with reggae wear making big waves in fashion circles. Rasta hats complement all Rasta wear including woven belts, tams and wristbands in red, gold, green and black. This is the look popping up on the streets of New York, Los Angeles, London and all other fashion hot spots, so hop on the fashion wagon and get yourself or a friend a variety of Rasta hats in your favorite styles and colors. Rasta hats are great for protecting your dreads from the sun and rain, and they keep your heads and dreads cool in the summer and warm in the winter. If you are not sporting Dreads you can get a Rasta hat with some attached already! Rasta hats are also a perfect addition to any Rasta or Reggae costume or outfit you may be wearing to a Rasta or Reggae themed party or event.
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