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The party guide helps plan a themed Hulk event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

Can a child have a birthday party with Hulk theme music? Sure there can but it would not be as much fun. Hulk theme music should be included in every Hulk party (no exceptions). A soundtrack of the movie will set the tone and ambience of the party. For a Hulk theme party, play The Incredible Hulk Soundtrack composed by Craig Armstrong and/or from the 2003 movie Hulk - Hulk (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). Celebrating a special event with outstanding performances that include singing, dancing and acting is a great way to keep the guests involved in the celebration. These fun activities are perfect for guests of all ages and will add a great deal to the celebration. More often than not, these performances will be the perfect addition to a fun filled and exciting event. Play the Incredible Hulk theme song and have children sing along. The Lyrics to the Incredible Hulk theme song are as followed:

Doc Bruce Banner,
Belted by Gamma Rays,
Turned into the Hulk.
Ainít he Unglamor-ous!

Wreckiní the Town
With the Power of a Bull,
Ainít No Monster Clown
Who is as Lovable.
As ever-Loviní Hulk! HULK!! HULK!!

A Hulk theme party with music could not exists without proper Hulk theme party supplies. Include plenty of Hulk green, purple, and black tableware items, balloons, streamers, crepe paper, movie posters, and a Hulk theme cake. For a Hulk theme cake, use Hulk green fondant or buttercream and draw or create Hulk on the cake. Dye the color of the cake green as well. Inspirational suggestion: Go to bed early so that you can get enough sleep before the demands of the next day. Good organization is the key to planning an occasion with less stress, so may lists and check things off as you go. Group activities and games can be used to keep the guests entertained while keeping them busy at the same time.

When it comes to homemade Hulk party supplies, it is all about the green. Use green in every way possible to when planning a Hulk themed party. Cut out green colored letters from construction paper to make a banner. The banner can say, Happy Birthday (insert name) with Hulk green letters. Tie the letters together with string or yarn by punching holes at the top of the letters.

Most people will find that celebrating a special event with amazing event trimmings, designs and materials is always a great way to add fun to a festive celebration. Enjoyable designs that are perfect for guests of all ages will enhance the event and make the guests feel very special. More often than not, these colorful embellishments will add a lot of attention to the celebration. For those who have some artistic ability can design a scene setter in which Hulk is smashing his way through a brick wall. Place real brick at the bottom of the scene setter to give it an added element of realism. The best way to draw the large picture of the Hulk is by researching Hulk pictures. Use a protector, trace the drawing on a large sheet of paper, and paint as necessary. This might take some time to finish so start well before the party is set to begin.

Another idea for homemade Hulk party supplies is designing a Hulk themed party table. Cover the chairs in green and purple colors with a green or purple table cover. Use darker colors to ensure it is consistent with the Hulk party theme.

A Hulk theme cake for a fan of the Hulk will make his (or her) birthday a special one.This exciting celebration is the ideal time for a variety of creative sweets and other tasty treats designed especially for this event. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of enjoyable desserts that are designed especially for this gathering will make everyone feel very extraordinary. Ideas for a Hulk cake include Hulkís fist punching up through a brick wall. This might take some effort to complete but can be accomplished with patience. Find a Hulk image that is not too difficult to draw on the cake with cake decorating gel. Make a rectangular cake and cover it in brick colored fondant. Draw the Hulk image on and make it seem like Hulk is busting through the cake right into the party. Draw the image on a sheet of paper first to ensure the picture is satisfactory. Draw the image on a sheet of transfer wax paper in reverse first and then apply it to the cake.

What about the inside of the Hulk theme cake? Select a desired flavor for the cake and use green food dye to turn the cake green. In order for the green to be seen, use a light cream color filling and flavor such as vanilla with white buttercream on the inside. Those who bite into the cake will be surprised the cake is green but tastes like vanilla. For Hulk party supplies, use Hulk green tableware items, streamers, posters, and cutouts.

The Hulk, a.k.a the Incredible Hulk has many powers beyond his normal superhuman strength and stamina. He can heal from even major wounds, incredibly quickly as his name implies. Hulk can also speak to and see spiritual or astral bodies from another plane. He is invulnerable to attacks, and he has a strong resistance to mental control. Since The Incredible Hulk was born from exposure to Gamma radiation, he can also absorb prodigious amounts of this radiation and use it to grow stronger. Another superhero that would be a fun party theme is Superman. Most hosts will find that from making a guest list to preparing the food, having a plan will make the celebration go off without a hitch. Simple hostess tip: Prepare for the entire celebration in advance and avoid adding any extra commitments or stress on the hostess during the preparation period. This simple tip will ensure that the hostess has a stress free and very entertaining time during the actual celebration. You can find many party supplies with these fun themes available to you.

When the Hulk was first conceived of, Stan Lee decided to make the Hulk gray in color because he didnít want to imply any specific ethnic group. So for the first few issues the Hulk was varying shades of gray and even a gray green. This is because at the time coloring technology at the printers was unable to consistently reproduce a good gray color. Eventually Lee gave into arguments and just made the Hulk green, a much easier color to reproduce. Also in the early comic book series, Dr. Bruce Banner changed into the Hulk as sunset. It wasnít until later that he only changed into the Hulk when he became panicked or angry. The Hulk has a love interest in Betty, the daughter of General Thaddeus Ross. Betty tries endlessly to stop her fatherís endless mission to find the Hulk and catch or destroy him. In later issues of the Hulk series Betty is killed off, causing a rehabilitated Hulk to turn into a rampaging destructive force.

The original Hulk comic book was cancelled after six issues, but the Hulk has continued on in many forms. Heís had running guest appearances in other comics, heís had new comics of his own, including the long running, The Incredible Hulk comic, a cartoon series, a live action television show, and movies. So the Hulk has had a long running success.

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Hulk History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Hulk theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

The Hulk has made his own place in history as a fictional character who by all accounts is a great man who is struggling with personal battles, but does not like to witness any injustice done due to his past experiences in life. Most people are amazed at the history behind many of the shows from the present and past. Like others before them the times of past and the recordings are often as interesting now as they were many years ago. For this reason, fans of the show have held strong and their popularity has continued to grow. Bruce Banner is the human form of the Hulk who was created originally as a cartoon character in a comic book in 1962. An original Marvel character, this character made its way off of the pages of a comic book into a fully fledged television series that ran for many years on, and then many more in syndication.

The Hulks history is that his impulsive and superhuman side only makes itself known after an accident that Dr. Bruce Banner has in his lab as a scientist and chemist. He created a gamma bomb that accidentally detonated in his presence. This detonation was the trigger that began the cycle of Bruce Banner losing his temper and turning into the incredible hulk who would then burst from the regular man sized clothes, turn green and instantly begin to mete out justice.

Although throughout the Hulks history he has been a few different shades, his overall skin tone is just green. Many shades of green over the years, and specifically once Technicolor became the norm. During this alter ego appearance the hulk also has super human strength that regular increase in direct relation to the elevation of his anger. This is the reason why it is not smart to make hulk angry. The right favors given to the guests will allow them to remember that day many years from now. Never underestimate the power of a clear glass bowl; fill it with flowers, or glass marbles, or seashells, or candy or chips, or make it a dish garden centerpiece or put holiday ornaments in it. The right favors given to the guests will allow them to remember that day many years from now. The history of Hulk has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Hulk to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Hulk
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