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Click a party industry topic below to learn more.  Some are ideas for businesses to own for those with the entrepreneurial spirit.
Event Planners
Event Coordinator
Wedding Planner
Party Planner
Disc Jockey
Merchandise Buyers
Corporate Product Buyers
Valet Parking
Parties are a $100 Billion dollar industry that employs tens of thousands of people in every state. Here are some career ideas and jobs that you can get while earning your degree to build your experience, contacts and resume.
Party Waiters
Bounce Houses
Assistant Buyers
Assistant Event Planner
Face Painting
Free Party Games
Free Party Games
An event planner works to coordinate all parts of the event to be planned. Parties for anniversaries, birthdays, corporate events, and other events can be planned by these professionals. They often put together the event within a customer given budget and will need to consider event timing and location, sequence of events, food, entertainment and decor. They handle virtually the entire process of hiring and managing the professionals for the party. They have the responsibility of pulling off a successful event that fits the event givers theme and goals.
Party Industry Careers
The event coordinator for any event will coordinate the activities and insure that the event will be successful. They handle the hiring and management of ushers, caterers, decorators, security personnel, and any other event related person. Additionally, they secure materials needed for the event, determine costs and work to stay within a budget. They handle all of the personal needs, financial needs, and other event needs for the event. The event coordinator is the decision maker for the event, with the approval of the event host.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
An assistant event coordinator helps plan the event with the supervision of the event coordinator. Their job often entails doing the leg work, making phone calls and handling buying needs for the event personnel. Most often, the assistant event coordinator makes minimal decisions whereas the event coordinator will handle the larger scale tasks and decision making. The Assistant event coordinator spends their time following up on assignments given by the event coordinator.
Collgeg Degrees for the Party Industry
A wedding planner often works solely in the planning of weddings. They work to facilitate every aspect of the wedding. They also work as the mediator to go between the service providers for the wedding and the bride and groom, or whoever is paying for the event. Additionally, they handle the budget of the wedding, staying within the required budget while providing the type of wedding celebration the bride and groom expect. The wedding planner often consults with the bride and groom about their needs and desires then works to find facilities, service providers and resources to make the event come together.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
A party planner works to plan any event or party by organizing, conceiving the ideas and executing the production. This will include special events like weddings, birthday parties, receptions and a variety of other events. The event is designed to fit the needs of the customer and the guests while staying within budgets. They have unique responsibilities for each event, but often work with service providers for all needs of the party. They assume all responsibility for planning a successful event, for ordering food, for invitations, for pictures and any other tasks assigned to them by the party thrower.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
A disc jockey is a professional that provides music during any type of party or event. This most often includes playing a selection of music from CD's or other medium through their own equipment on the site of the event. Many times they also become the host of the event, making announcements and controlling the overall flow of the party. The disc jockey works to provide entertainment through music, comedy and keeps the party moving.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Assistant buyers work with product buyers to purchase products for the party. They often help with delivery, set up, and other tasks. While buyers work to get the best prices for products, assistants do most of the shopping and purchasing.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Clowns provide comedy and entertainment at parties. They often provide entertainment through silly jokes, with stunts and often dress up. Most clowns attend children's parties, catering to the questions, jokes and entertainment of the younger crowd, but some do work with other engagements. They often have props, costume and a variety of other things to bring humor to the group. Their job is to make everyone smile.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Bounces houses are one of the largest kid approved activities in demand today for parties. These houses are inflated to a specific level to allow for children to come inside and jump and play to their heart's delight. An attendant or owner of the house will be responsible for maintaining the product's safety, and be the owner of it. Additionally, they will need to insure al local safety requirements are met. They monitor the children that climb in, restrict numbers as necessary and offer guidance for those renting the bounce houses from them.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Florists provide arrangements, individual flowers and other floral arrangements for a party or special event. They often work with the party giver to determine the type and amount of flowers needed. They arrange and design flowers to incorporate special themes, designs, colors and styles. Florists also provide a range of services in terms of delivering and setting up arrangements. Florists work with the client's budget and deliver the highest quality flowers possible.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
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College Degree IDEAs
Fun ideas for college degrees to help get a job in the party industry.
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Hotel & Restaurant
  • Management
  • Culinary Arts
  • English
  • History
  • Languages
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Magicians work through a variety of party formats. Many apply their skills to games, magic tricks, fun jokes and balloon animals to deliver a bit of entertainment. Magicians will need to have the skill to perform magic tricks and will need to work at performing a fun show for children. They often interact with a large crowd, or individuals. They generally work on their own or through a managing company.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Professional bands offer parties entertainment through music. A band will need to provide entertainment according to the customer's demands, which usually includes providing the type and amount of music that the guests and the customer wants. They often take requests, provide specific music to cultures and often perform their own music as well. Bands often lead the party when there is no other official host to do so.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs for Birthdays, Holidays and Theme Parties
Facing painting professionals provide a unique skill by painting small designs, pictures and shapes on the faces, hands, arms or other areas of a person's body. For parties, usually children's parties, they provide the child with something that the child enjoys. Those in this industry need to have some artistic talent, provide the face painting materials and be willing and able to work with children.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Merchandise Buyers
Merchandise buyers or purchases will work to provide the event coordinator or planner with the products they need to pull off the wedding. These professionals are of responsible for handling the task of purchasing the right items, which will include food, paper products, tables and chairs and anything else that is required. They find the right item, in the right design, style and color and with the right price. They work to help keep the supplies for the event within budget.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Corporate product buyers work with corporate event planners to provide all necessary food, paper, and necessary items such as tables, fabrics, and utensils. They are given a budget and are required to find and purchase the necessary products to accomplish these goals. Ultimately, they work with the event coordinator or planner to accomplish style goals, budget goals and overall corporate event needs.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party waiters dress to match the attire of the event, this often means dressing formally. They then serve drink and food to guests during the diner portion of the event. They often will provide service throughout the event including refilling drinks, honoring special requests and checking on the status of the delivered food products. They also help to clear away the dishes, cut and serve cake and fill any needs that the party goers may have.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
A caterer will provide the customer with the food. They work hand in hand with the party thrower to develop a menu, based on their professional skills at preparing the necessary dishes. They then work within the requested budget to develop a full menu, which is normally tasted prior to the event for approval (by the customer.) On the day of the party, the caterer works to prepare, dish out and serve the required dishes. They often set up and manage buffet lines, provide guests with special requests and clean up afterwards. Some offer bakery items including cakes, while others do not.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party maids do the cleaning work prior to the event and after the event, depending on where they are located. This often includes providing the location with a thorough cleaning prior to guests arriving, setting up the party and taking it down afterwards. Most professional maids also work to clean any other area needed so that the location is clean for guests. They handle the washing of utensils and plates, storage of them, the cleaning of floors and carpets and other necessary tasks. 
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Bakers work with the party thrower to determine the right amount of bakery products and cake products needed for the event. They often offer a sampling so that their customers know what they are purchasing. They prepare baked products for the event including any baked appetizers, cookies, pastries, and cakes. They work within the budget provided and prepare their products around the client's needs. They also work to set up displays including the cake at the event on the event day.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party venue owners work to provide an appropriate location for the event to be held. This can include indoor and outdoor locations. Some offer large halls for the party to be set up in, while others provide guests with outdoor accommodations. They are responsible for the party to the level that is agreed on by the party customer. This can include food production and serving, bar serving, set up and tear down of the location, as well as any other needs that the customer has. They work with the client to determine the necessary resources needed and work within the budget.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Valet parking professionals work at parties to provide guests with easy access to the location without having to walk across a parking lot or find a place to park in a crowded area. Valet professionals will dress formally, greet guests, help them out of their cars, park the cars and then retrieve them when the guest is ready to leave.
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Party Careers and Industry Jobs
Creativity... Travel... Parties...
The Party industry has lots of jobs that make a fun career. Perfect for those who are creative, like helping people and love to celebrate Birthdays, Corporate Events, and Holidays.
Party Industry Jobs Resource Guide
Free Birthday Party Games for Kids and Adults
The youthful years of most of us are full of picnics, celebrations, dances, camp, vacations, and parties for all occasions. Those who hated to see the fun of school days come to a screeching halt due to the financial demands that adulthood may place upon them find the hospitality industry offers a niche for their specific interests.

The hospitality industry is as old as civilization itself. In a time when there were no formal standards of commercial conduct, hospitality workers were left to the customs of their own cultural group. In today�s fast paced world, travel is a job requirement for many so this economic sector has grown to develop high universal standards. For others though, travel is a glorious option while fun and relaxation have become the goal. Coinciding with our growing disposable incomes has been a growth in the party industry as a subgroup of this larger job category.

Any person considering this fun employment option may not be fully aware of the great variety of work in this prosperous segment of the global economy. Most have at least heard of some of these jobs but probably can�t give a list of more than five or so of these without doing some research. Heading the list these days would probably be Party Entertainment otherwise known as those bands who will play at weddings. That is of course an over simplification since there are small talent agents who can supply a clown or a pony ride company for a birthday party or a hot air balloon ride company for a festival.

Probably within the top few best known party jobs is that of caterer. Companies which provide catering frequently are an outgrowth of a person�s home cooking efforts. This quickly becomes an overburdened enterprise that enlists all who don�t get away in time to handle the many tasks involved. Theses casual workers soon find that they are given permanent work assignments as party waiters or maids and other party food related jobs. A still smaller niche group within the party industry is occupied by professional wedding cake bakers. These devoted workers often start out in the same manner working out of their own homes until their clientele becomes too great. With lots of sweet pictures in their portfolios they normally have little trouble finding bank backing for expansion efforts. 

Somewhere in the list of the best known party industry jobs would be disc jockey and magician (not necessarily a team effort). Nothing better defines the party genre known as �child�s birthday party� than the addition of a magician. If he/she can shape a puppy from a balloon and juggle a few apples there is a certain age group who will be mesmerized. Similarly, a teen or young adult birthday party is able to proceed nicely with little more than the presence of a jovial spin master who understands the popular music scene. Equally enticing for very young party goers are the bounce houses. Companies that specialize in the assembly, inflation, and removal of these instant recreational centers are in popular circulation.

Larger parties like weddings hire enough personnel to equal the gross domestic products of some developing nations. Weddings have in fact become one of the premium services offered by resorts and cruise lines in island countries and hence do in fact support many of their inhabitants. The best known and busiest of these wedding workers is the Wedding Planner. These are in fact on staff within the vacation industry and draw a full wage and benefits package. Work doesn�t seem to be slowing down for these people whose job title entails a variety of tasks. In the vacations industry these serve to coordinate the limited options offered by a particular resort or cruise lines. In the private sector wedding planners may face a much broader range of responsibilities and challenges.

A closely related job description is that of Party Planner. These can also be employed by corporations who often find that entertaining presentations are better attended. Along with Event Planners and Event Coordinators this intrepid group of workers sees that anything from a ship�s launch to an Easter Egg hunt takes place in an orderly and safe manner. They work quite hard while corporate clients or local tax payers are encouraged to relax and have fun. Some work so hard that they even need assistants thus the new job title of Assistant Event Planner has evolved. When the planners have matters thoroughly organized matters are turned over to a number of specialized workers.

Miscellaneous Party Jobs including lesser well known occupations include buffet server and bus boys. People who work exclusively for parties, conventions or other gatherings but specialize in specific food service categories work happily within the narrow constraints of their job requirements. All of the usual food preparation skills are put to use in catering. All sorts of Chefs (Souse, Pastry, Salad and Executive Chefs) can specialize to work solely with parties and conventions. 

Party Foods Servers may slice roast beef for long hours or give an occasional stir to the mash potatoes. They may be proficient in the care and use of specialized food service tools and equipment like the chaffing dish for example. Party bartenders are needed and this often makes a pleasant second job. Party bus boys work in the usual manner as their restaurant counter parts but may also help with taking down temporary tables and chairs. Party Valet Parking attendants are also similar to hotel Valet attendants except that like the other specialized party workers they work sporadically and at irregular hours. They are usually expected to be available for the entire event and to be able to work any shift or day.

Venues for parties are not at all a meager aspect of the party industry. Party hall owners seem to have a simple job but in fact have enough work to stay amazingly busy. A good party hall owner must attend to clerical functions and maintenance jobs. In some cases they may be involved in the set up or tear down of tables and chairs but even when the hall is left in spotless condition there are still chores. Restrooms and kitchens must be stocked with supplies and advertising needs to be procured. In the same basic category or job description are those who rent party supplies. Many times rented portable dance floors need to be installed and removed as would be the case with large tents or other outdoor items. Additionally, the rental of tuxedos and costumes can be counted as part of the party industry. Similarly, any of the fountains, cake stands, tablecloths or serving items may be rented from shop owners whose workers subsist entirely from the proceeds from large gatherings.

A whole range of seamstress and sewing jobs exist to supply weddings and other formal occasions with custom made and alterations services. A dressmaker who specializes in weddings can expect to be extremely busy and well paid with up to a dozen custom fitted gowns per wedding. Florists are probably the most omnipresent of all party workers. Florists supply weddings and funerals. Floral arrangers are in demand in most nearly every town as well. A reasonable number of photographers and video technicians earn their livings solely from party work too. 

Large retailers are involved within the broader category of party industry employers. In addition to the retail clerks and stock workers there are Merchandise Buyers, Corporate Product Buyers and Assistant Buyers. These are all knowledgeable about the particular needs of all kinds of people planning all kinds of occasions. The seasonal nature of many of these parties is of particular interest to this area of retailing. A business can fail if these individuals aren�t successful in predicting which items need to be stocked and in what quantities. Woe to the buyer who isn�t aware that most birthdays occur during the month of April for example.

Along with the increased demand for more workers in the party industry comes the increased demand for both professionalism and higher standards of quality. We all expect our special occasions to go off without a hitch. That need has been answered by educational institutions who have responded by offering specific coursework tailored to industry needs. No longer do cake bakers have to rely solely on the advice from cookbooks. Many community resources exist to train for this and more job specific tasks. Catering is taught in formal classes at community colleges. So are the finer points of small business ownership. Photographers find much assistance from these specialized courses as do florists and others. Most importantly help is available with tax issues inherent in any business and other legal matters specific to small business.

In 2005 the U.S. Department of Labor considered the hospitality industry so important that they invested a couple of million dollars into identifying special concerns in employment and education. Some of the goals they established included improving the image that workers in this sector are facing. In general most people still see these jobs as being entry level and low wage jobs that have no benefits. Many considered hospitality jobs to be dead end employment. This is really just a stereotype that is proving less true with the passage of time.

One reason for this negative image may be that the industry as a whole has a very positive and open minded position on employment. Companies are very forgiving when hiring entry level service workers. Those with little education or other stumbling blocks in other employment frequently are welcomed with open arms in the hospitality sector. But those willing to invest a little extra time and energy in the areas of training and education can make at least as much or even a great deal more than people working in other industries.

At least one masters level degree that will lead to higher pay scales in the party industry is of course the Masters of Business Administration, (MBA.) Many Universities offer this all purpose degree but upper level management of larger Party Industry retailing more or less mandates this educational imperative.

There�s a good resource for those seeking Bachelor Degrees (BA) Associate Degrees (AA) and Certificate programs (Certificate) at which emphasize coursework specific to the party industry. Hospitality Management is the most common area of study. This would lead to the running of a fairly large company which provides catering or event planning services. Some of these programs are available online. The site lists nine separate chef training schools but there are lots of other programs within larger institutions of learning. Income with these degrees can vary from the low $20,000�s to the upper $80,000�s.

Most large universities offer Home Economics Degrees through their departments of Agriculture. The Home Economics Diploma may be a very good avenue because of its basic educational requirements common to all university degree programs. Additionally, these are very specific to the needs of food safety and preparation. Coursework in marriage and family just might be helpful to anyone working closely with weddings in catering or planning.

A university degree in photography will of course make that matter a more professional one. No single thing about a wedding is more disappointing than ruined photographs and most couples are willing to pay for skill no matter how acquired. Talent agents working in the party industry may not need the same level of high powered experience needed to book Hollywood movies but a Bachelor�s Degree with at least some business courses would be best. It�s not a bad place to use strong soft skills since ruffled feathers can frequently occur here.

Wedding Planners will probably find lots of sources for quick job training certificates. At least one web site offers a complete and specific course. That is and the money is well invested. Bridal consultants can use this distance learning with fairly good results too. Another online institution for the study of wedding planning/events coordination is both will probably supply enough easy to grasp information to lead talented individuals in the right direction.

Experience in any of these areas will probably be as important as coursework. There are numerous opportunities to learn necessary skills through military and vocational schools when on-the-job training isn�t enough. When all things are considered the party industry is a viable and growing part of the nation�s service sector.
Party Industry Jobs Resource Guide
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