Karaoke Party Favors

The Karaoke party guide have creative ideas for handmade party favors.  Plus, what's a celebration without theme oriented conversion!  Join in with interesting facts and unusual world records that match a Karaoke theme party.
Karaoke Party Favors . 200+ Theme Matching Conversation Starters

Have you made all the preparation for a karaoke party and wondering what handmade party favor to give to your guests? Here is a simple idea to make killer maracas that your guests will love.

To make the maracas you will need plastic balls, the size of which is up to your discretion and dried beans, wooden dowels, tissue papers in bright colors, glue and clear tape.

Make a small hole in the plastic ball. The diameter of the hole should be slightly less than the diameter of the wooden dowels.

Fill the plastic ball with a handful of dried beans.

Push the wooden dowel inside the hole. Since the hole is slightly smaller it will be a tight-fit and that is what we want. To make it more secure use the clear tape at the intersection of the ball and the wooden dowel.

Cover the ball and the handle with tissue paper. Start applying the glue from top and go around the ball in circles. Use different bright color tissue papers to make the maracas as colorful as possible. These handmade party favors are sure to be a sensation at your karaoke party.

Another handmade party favor that will go well with this theme is a favor bag or box filled with nuts. Get karaoke theme stickers like musical notes, guitars, maracas and microphones and stick them on the favor boxes.

Take print outs of your favorite songs and that of your friends and compile them into small booklets. Personalize the booklets by making individual copies for each guest with their names and other details printed on the cover page.
Karaoke World Record, Facts and Party Talk!

Top Karaoke Record in China- Again!

When throwing a Karaoke party enjoy some Theme related talk for some interesting party conversation. After battling back and forth with Finland, China has re-claimed the World Record for longest music karaoke record. The event took 19 days and included a never ending line of thousands of residents.

China, however, was no stranger to the World Record stage. They had previously set a world record that was outdone by Finland. The battle began in 2007 Anhui set a record for 145 hours of karaoke. Then, the Kouvala Karaoke Club out did the Chinese efforts by singing 214 hours. China responded back with 216 singing hours. After being beaten, the Kouvala Club shot for 600 hours but ended up with 446 hours.

Now, the world record is in the hands of the Chinese once again at 456 hours. The rules involved with the Karaoke world record involve not singing the same song within a 2 hour period and not exceeding 30 seconds in between songs.

Lots more unique world records, party conversation ideas, facts to talk about at your next party!  Conversation to fit the party theme - AMAZING! Chinese New Year Party Favors
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Karaoke Party Favors

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