Handmade Kentucky Derby Pinatas

Kentucky Derby Pinatas for Kentucky Derby theme parties plus the pinata filler, the blindfold mask and bat to match. Make your event festive using a pinata as a decoration. The Kentucky Derby Museum consists of more than 20,000 items documenting the history and tradition of the Kentucky Derby and Thoroughbred horse racing. .

Kentucky Derby Pinatas . Kentucky Derby Blindfold Mask & Bat . Kentucky Derby Pinata Filler

Fans of the Kentucky Derby or horses in general will love a horse piñata for their birthday celebration. What a better way to add entertainment and fun to a celebration than to give the guests the chance to create something using their own craftsmanship or do another type of fun activity? Most hosts will find that this can be done many different ways depending on the age of the guests. For this reason, planning in advance will prove to be very beneficial to the planning of this event. Use a large oval balloon for the horse’s body. To make the horses legs, tape four empty toilet paper rolls to the underside of the balloon. Tape one empty toilet paper roll onto one upper end of the horse, as a neck. Use a small round balloon for the horses head. Try to make the horse head scale to the rest of the body and tape to the toilet role when a desired size is chosen. Widen the neck of the horse by adding strips of tape from the head to the horse's body.

Once the taping is done now add the paper mache. Add 3 layers of paper mache but before the final layer is done add the candy. Once the final layer is and dried add the brown tissue paper. Cut yarn into short lengths for the tail and mane and glue into place. The yarn for the tail should be longer than the yarn for the mane. Draw facial features on the horses head with marker or use black tissue paper. The horse is not meant to look realistic but more cartoonish – it is a piñata after all. Insert a needle to pop the balloons. Poke two holes at the top of the horse's body and at the base of the neck and insert a piece of wire through the holes to make a loop to hang. A miniature wreath of berries and vines makes a great napkin holder and favor for the guests. When you are hosting a festive occasion, one of the best things to do is sit down with a pen and paper and start brainstorming what you will need. A miniature wreath of berries and vines makes a great napkin holder and favor for the guests.
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