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Add a finishing touch to a Kids Theme party with a free printable activity including word search, word find, and word scrambles plus coloring pages.  Or just play these free party games fun for both kids and adults.

DANCE CONTEST GAME: Have a kids dance contest, stressing songs and moves appropriate from the era you've chosen. Be sure to have enough Kids party supplies on hand for your task. Perhaps even think about hiring a dance teacher for the beginning of the contest, just to show participants some basic moves before they go and practice. At the end of the night, the top dancers win a gag gift appropriate to the theme you've chosen. You can always move onto a BBQ party game. Elegance is never out of style, guests appreciate those little touches like tea candles at each place setting. If your event will be a cover dish gathering, stay in close contact with the guests so everyone has a good idea of what to bring and you don't end up with ten desserts and no meats or veggies. Elegance is never out of style, guests appreciate those little touches like tea candles at each place setting.
Simple instructions to Theme party games to perfectly fit a Kids celebration.
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Kids Party Games

Rhyming Around: This is a good kidís party game to play with the adults at the party who are certainly worn out after a long day of running around after the kids at the party. See if you can get everyone sitting at a table or at least standing in a circle for the game Start these Kids party games by turning to the player next to you in the group and asking them a silly question. Next this player will turn to the player to their left ask another silly question, but the first word of their silly question must rhyme with the last word of your silly question and so on. For example; you ask ĎWhatís going on with the hound pound?í and that player says ĎSounds profound, havenít hounds got long ears?í to the person to their left.

Create a magical time at the Kids party. Print right from your printer these free party games, puzzles and activities. Choose a free printable game or coloring page:

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 Diverse Animals: These kids party games use up lots of excess energy and allow the kids to use their imaginations. Gather all the kids in a circle and have each of them choose to be one of two animals. Since itís your party you can choose the two animals that the kids get to choose from. Have the kids close their eyes and choose their inner animal. They must try and find the other animals that are like them in the group by animal calls alone. Everyone has to keep their eyes closed. You should be watching the activity to make sure no one at the kids party games wanders off and to see which animals form a complete group first. They are the winners.

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