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Add a finishing touch to a Kwanzaa Holiday party with a free printable activity including word search, word find, and word scrambles plus coloring pages.  Or just play these free party games fun for both kids and adults.

DO YOU LIKE BOY, GIRLS: The leader and 5-15 girls make a line. At a distance of 1 meter behind them there are some boys. At the command all of them run. While running the leader asks: Do you like girls, boys? The boys must altogether answer "No". The leader asks the question for several times and all the times the boys answer - "No". At last the leader says: "Well, why do you run after girls, if you don't like them?" Let the group know that they could receive awards such as Kwanzaa party supplies for running the fastest. Need something else to enjoy, consider the Superbowl party game. Removing excess items will create not only more space for the guests, but open up places for the decorations. At a family gathering have coloring sheets and crayons at the kiddie table to keep the kids from getting restless. Introducing theme colored items to any event will brighten the place up, making it warm and inviting.
Simple instructions to Holiday party games to perfectly fit a Kwanzaa celebration.
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Kwanzaa Party Games

“Mamba” Kwanzaa Party Game: This game is lots of fun, and requires players to work together as a team. It is especially good if lots of children are playing. All that’s required is a fairly big area (around 10 metres square) that has been marked off. The children gather in the marked-off area, and one is selected to be the Mamba. The Mamba must try and catch the other players, who must stay within the marked-off area. Any player who runs outside this area must leave the game. When a player is caught by the Mamba, they join onto the snake by placing their hands around the Mamba’s waist. Only the snake’s head (the original Mamba) can catch people, but as more players get caught the children making up the body of the Mamba can entrap other players. The game ends when all children have been eaten by the Mamba. The last player to get captured wins a small prize.

Create a magical time at the Kwanzaa party. Print right from your printer these free party games, puzzles and activities. Choose a free printable game or coloring page:

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 “Earth, Air, Fire, Water” Kwanzaa Party Game: This fun Kwanzaa party game is best played with a fairly large group of children. All that’s required is a tennis ball and a decent-sized area to play in. The children sit in a circle, and one is chosen to start. They must throw the tennis-ball to someone else in the circle, calling out either “Earth”, “Air”, “Fire” or “Water”. If Earth is called, the player who catches the ball needs to name an animal that lives on the Earth (the ground). If Air is called, they must name an animal that can fly. If Fire is called, they must remain silent. And if Water is called, they must name a marine animal. The game continues as the ball is tossed from player to player. Each player gets 10 seconds to think of an answer, and they must not repeat an answer already given. If they break these rules they must leave the circle. The last player left in the circle wins.

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