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The party guide helps plan a themed Lobsterfest event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

Lobsterfest is a time-honored New England tradition that has caught on around the world; it’s a time of food, friendship, festivity, frothy spirits, and of course some downright fabulous music. It just would not be a Lobsterfest without tasty tunes.

The ultimate Lobsterfest playlist should consist of songs that are fun and festive, perfect to both dance to and eat by:

Rock Lobster by the B-52s. It is a virtual no brainer that this song be included here.
Under the Sea from The Little Mermaid
On the Beach by Chris Rea. This is a beautiful and mood setting tropical tune.
Weekend in New England by Barry Manilow
Soul Food to Go by Manhattan Transfer. This jazzy song brings a smile to the face every time.
Voyage to Atlantis by The Isley Brothers. This is a relaxing and mystifying tropical tune that all enjoy.
On the Ocean by K’Jon
Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald by Gordon Lightfoot
Yo Ho (A Pirate’s Life for Me) The Song of Walt Disney's Pirates of The Caribbean Ride (1967) Written by Xavier Atencio and George Burns
Lobsterfest party supplies also will help partying guests ‘take a bite out of’ the celebration, especially if they come complete with a giant lobster centerpiece culled from plastic, stone or paper mache, additional faux lobsters, crabs and shells hanging from the ceiling, tulle and tissue banners and paper links, preferably in a vibrant hue of bright ‘lobster red,’ and tall clear beer mugs will complete the scene at any great Lobsterfest celebration. These accents will make guests feel at home--or at sea. When sending out the invitations include an R.S.V.P. request that may ask about any known food allergies. An old tradition like having guests each bring a single layer of cake and assembling it into a stack cake with preserves in between the layers is always interesting and fun. Social events can be communicated through invitations which help the guests get interested and excited about the upcoming date.

A lobsterfest complete with homemade party supplies and handmade party goods such as inflatable lobsters and fishing poles can be a lot of fun. Guests are sure to delight at these creative little accents. A lobsterfest is a very festive occasion with drink umbrellas, temporary tattoos and fashion jewelry. It is a happening where guests show up to show off. They are not there just to grab a quick meal. Most often, a lobsterfest occurs in the summer and near the water making it the perfect time for homemade summer party supplies. These little tokens define the summery feel of the occasion. The homemade party supplies for this event can vary depending on the location of the lobsterfest.

A lobsterfest is the perfect occasion for handmade party supplies which include homemade banners, flags and handmade centerpieces. A handmade lobsterfest apron is a great item for the host to wear during the lobsterfest. This homemade apron can be worn during the Lobsterfest party and will compare to no others that you own. It is a piece of party apparel,not just a common apron.

Other homemade lobsterfest party supplies include handmade banners, homemade signs and plastic lobsters. Making a homemade lobsterfest banner is rather easy. Just follow a few simple directions to get the job done. First of all, a handmade lobsterfest banner can be made using paper or material. However, a homemade banner made out of material will last much longer and be more durable. The handmade Lobsterfest banner can be decorated by using fabric paint and many people will compare it to others that have been made in the past. This homemade Lobsterfest banner will be long lasting and add a personal touch to the party.

Lobsterfest is a time of fun, celebration and most of all good eating; and no Lobsterfest would be complete without a scrumptious Lobsterfest party cake. A cake is always needed at a food event. This is even one that centers primarily around seafood.

Just about any rich, hearty cake would make for an ideal (not to mention yummy) Lobsterfest party cake. Forget light and frilly cakes when planning a robust Lobsterfest celebration; opt instead for rich, substantial cakes like marble, red velvet, and black forest confections. The hearty sea captain would not touch angel food!

For a theme Lobsterfest party cake, the host could prepare a rich cake with lush red strawberry icing, or perhaps scarlet-hued food coloring, in the shape of a lobster. This could be accomplished with the help of party supplies such as a long, round cake or bread pan. This would be the ideal dessert for an event of this type. As an added bonus, she might label her confection as a ‘crab cake’ for the amusement of her guests. They are sure to marvel at her creativity.

A cake fashioned to resemble a fishing boat, cruise ship, or lake (this last one could be accomplished by coating a cake with azure-hued icing and fluffing it up until it resembles a body of water) also would work. This type of cake will set a tropical feel for sure.

Make any Lobsterfest celebration one to remember with the addition of a creative, and most importantly delicious Lobsterfest party cake; one guests will savor and remember until the next Lobsterfest rolls around!

It can be a real treat for the student graduating from college or high school to have a nice lobster dinner, but you can make it a lot more fun by turning it into a Lobsterfest. This way you take off some of the pressure required of eating at a fine restaurant, plus everyone gets to don their bibs and dig right into the delicious feast. The guests will love this feastival of seafood.

Colors for this party are red, white, blue and gray. Look for some fun checkered tablecloths that you can clip to the table because this party is usually held outdoors. If you hold the party indoors, make sure you have it in a party area large enough to hold a table full of guests all vying for another helping of lobster tail. Hang up lots of streamers in the party area and you can also wrap the streamers around the table and chair legs for extra decorative effect. Balloons for the party can be a good idea but tie them in an area away from the table and the food so they won't get in the way.

Wall murals can add the beach party scenery to a Lobsterfest held indoors. Most of these wall murals are around 5 feet in length and printed on a latex paper that can easily be pasted to the wall. Leave it up after the party for the graduate to enjoy. Don't forget to customize a graduation banner in the name of your graduate guest of honor.

Favors handed out to the guests as they leave the party will help to make that lasting impression. You can make up small goodie bags filled with candy, stickers, customized pens and pencils, and even some graduation key chains. Blue or red votive candles make a lovely addition to the goodie bag and they are inexpensive.

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Lobsterfest History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Lobsterfest theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

A festive celebration of surf, sand and seafood, hosted at scenic seaside locales throughout the world, the Lobsterfest party is perhaps the ultimate foodie festivity. People wait all year for this fun happening.

Some could argue that the first unofficial Lobsterfest parties were celebrated in prehistoric times, when hunting, gathering and fishing tribes ate and celebrated together. They did not call them Lobsterfests back then. Yet no one can deny the similarities to modern events. And those tribes who lived near the water were likely to kill and eat their own seafood.

As time progressed the Lobsterfest became more of a casual, celebratory affair, in which people enjoyed—not only fresh and professionally prepared lobster—but other varieities of seafood plus wine, spirits, sodas and rich desserts. And aside from food, guests at these events—whether hosted at homes or community centers with swimming pools or beaches that border vast seas—may also enjoy music and dancing, games and good conversation. These activities round out any good Lobsterfest.

Some modern Lobsterfests, in fact, are full-scale community fairs that people anticipate throughout the year, such as those celebrated in San Pedro, Calif., and Hudson, Florida. Sometimes these events benefit local and national nonprofit groups; most are showcases for local musicians, artists and vendors, and can be combined with music concerts, art shows, and trade shows. There is a lot more than lobster at today's Lobsterfests.

A Lobsterfest even could take place in the privacy of one’s home, where guests can prepare and serve this seafood delicacy to friends and family members; hosts had best take care though, not to duplicate the classic scene in the comedy “Annie Hall,” in which the lobsters escaped and revolted!:)

While the character, purpose and location of Lobsterfests vary greatly, this type of festivity always guarantees fun under the sun. Plan a Lobsterfest today! Delve into the possible color combinations for plates, napkins, table covers and skirts to create a truely unique look. Add the beauty of nature to your event by creating a centerpiece and accent pieces out of fresh fruits and vegetables. Delve into the possible color combinations for plates, napkins, table covers and skirts to create a truely unique look. The history of Lobsterfest has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Lobsterfest to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Lobsterfest
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