Lobsterfest Coloring Pages

These free Lobsterfest coloring pages are a fun activity for the kids. Have the children color in pictures while waiting for other guests to arrive at the party. Also, this activity will keep the kids busy at the dinner table.

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A Lobsterfest Party, normally located in costal areas, include taste testing of several lobster recipes and dips. The free printable Lobsterfest Coloring Pages are a fun way to keep the kids occupied at the dinner table or a party. Lobsterfest Party Planning obviously means you are going to need lobster but can also include shell fish and other sea food of any sort but be prepared that you may need to teach your guests how to eat lobster without serious injuries ensuing. Match the coloring page to your parties theme. Keep the drawings and laminate them. Then surprise the kids by using them for placemats at next years Lobsterfest celebration.
Lobsterfest Coloring Pages
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Lobsterfest Coloring Pages
Lobsterfest Word Find
Lobsterfest Word Scramble
Lobsterfest Word Search

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Lobsterfest Party Games

Lobsterfest is generally an event at which guests enjoy the most succulent and well prepared seafood; not to mention some top notch homemade Lobsterfest cookies.

Homemade Lobsterfest cookies are generally not made from genuine seafood, which—as tasty and filling as it is—is generally not very sweet. Following a rich, spicy dinner of lobsters, crabs, shrimp and other ‘treats of the sea,’ diners may wish to follow up their meal with the most sumptuous cookies possible. Think deep rich chocolate chunk or thick, tangy meringue; or, for a more tropical tinge, pineapple-flavored cookies might just hit the spot.

To make even more theme-relevant homemade Lobsterfest cookies, the host could bake a batch of yummy gingerbread cookies and—through the magic of some seafood-shaped cookie cutters and some bright red strawberry icing or food coloring—morph them into miniature lobsters and crabs (one even could add chocolate morsels or ebony icing dots to simulate the creature’s eyes). A macaroon topped with pink and ivory icing could be made to liken a piece of shrimp, and a doughnut ball covered with light chocolate icing could be rolled to resemble a hash brown.

As yet another option, the creative chef could create some homemade Lobsterfest cookies that resemble symbols and emblems associated with the Lobsterfest experience. Guests most literally will gobble up cookies which resemble tinier, tastier versions of lighthouses, fishing boats, and rods and reels.

Make any Lobsterfest just a little bit sweeter with the addition of some delicious homemade Lobsterfest cookies!
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