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The party guide helps plan a themed Nineties event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

For those who grew up in the nineties might want to relive their high school glory days with a Nineties theme party. Celebrating a special event with outstanding performances that include singing, dancing and acting is a great way to keep the guests involved in the celebration. These fun activities are perfect for guests of all ages and will add a great deal to the celebration. More often than not, these performances will be the perfect addition to a fun filled and exciting event. The Nineties produced some of the most popular and highest selling artists such as Eminem, Smashing Pumpkin, Deftones, Bush, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Rage Against The Machine, Jay-Z, Foo Fighters, Korn, Tool, Radiohead, Beck and Sublime. What should a Nineties party include? Why not some of the top songs of the decade (obviously).

Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
R.E.M. – Losing My Religion
Pearl Jam – Jeremy
Dr. Dre - Nuthin But A G Thang
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under The Bridge
TLC – Waterfalls
Lauryn Hill - Doo Wop (That Thing)
Beck – Loser
Radiohead – Creep
Oasis – Wonderwall
Soundgarden – Black Hole Sun
Metallica - Enter The Sandman
Smashing Pumpkins – 1979
Eminem – My Name Is
The Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
No Doubt – Do not Speak
Sublime – What I Got
Green Day – Long View
The Cranberries – Zombie
Foo Fighters – Ever Long
Madonna – Ray of Light
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Crossroads
Alanis Morrissette – Ironic
Alice In Chains – Rooster

This Nineties selection is just a small sample number of popular songs of the decade. Include nineties parties supplies such as movie, TV, musician posters, and tableware items. Inspirational suggestion: Go to bed early so that you can get enough sleep before the demands of the next day. Good organization is the key to planning an occasion with less stress, so may lists and check things off as you go. Group activities and games can be used to keep the guests entertained while keeping them busy at the same time.

Handmade jean jackets and other homemade party supplies such as personalized banners, garden flags and handmade signs are perfect for a Nineties party. Handmade party supplies make dressing up in Nineties fashion rather easy. After a little research finding a handmade nineties costume should be a breeze. Additional homemade party supplies such as personalized signs, personalized banners and nineties party music are perfect for this party. Nineties party homemade party supplies may include handmade hats, handmade t-shirts and personalized candle baskets. These handmade supplies along with party goods such as fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, Chuck Taylors, bandanas, glow sticks and Jean jackets are welcomed accompaniments to a Nineties party.

Most hosts will find that fun and exciting activities will be a great addition to this fun filled celebration. More often than not fun activities in which everyone can play and participate along with decorative supplies will liven up the event and make it very special. For this reason, planning and organization will be very beneficial for the host. Nineties homemade party supplies and party goods like tableware (paper plates, cups, napkins, etc…), party streamers and balloons will balance the party. Most people find no comparison between homemade party supplies and other party goods except for the personal touch. Homemade party supplies such as spirit flags, hats, candles, party music, inflatables, personalized banners, party streamers, inflatable centerpieces, homemade door curtains, and various wall dιcor are great components of a nineties party.

The Nineties party guests will take pleasure nineties music, handmade centerpieces and personalized picture banners along with other homemade party supplies. These items along with strobe lights, party music, nineties party streamers, temporary tattoos and body jewelry will add a lot of excitement to your Nineties party.

Many people will find a nineties themed birthday party to be a lot of fun and having a great cake will only add to the occasion. This exciting and fun event is the ideal time for a variety of creative desserts and other tasty treats designed especially for this celebration. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of enjoyable fares that are designed especially for this gathering will make everyone feel very special. Therefore a large white or chocolate sheet cake decorated with Nineties themed items will be perfect for this party. After the cake has cooled, it can be decorated with a variety of icing flavors and colors. Most people remember the nineties as a colorful time and the icing used for your nineties cake will stand out.

Most often people find decorating the cake to be the most difficult part of preparing for the party. However, with a nineties themed cake, simple yet colorful decorations will make the difference. Whether you choose to decorate your cake with the Valley Girls, Star Wars or another nineties theme the taste of the cake will be what really matters. Therefore, find and test a great cake recipe prior to the party. This simple step will make a big difference to your party.

Furthermore, many people may prefer a round cake instead of a sheet cake. This cake can be decorated with a nineties theme as well. Regardless of the type of nineties themed cake that is made for your party, having a variety of nineties party supplies and other nineties party items will be a welcomed addition to the party.

Nineties history, facts, and party trivia are great ways to entertain at nineties theme parties! Take a look back at a time when huge leaps in the growth of the world wide web seemed to unite the global community in the nineties, the the gulf war in 1991 ushered in the decade and, Americans remembered, perhaps for the first time since Vietnam, that war is a reality from which no one is immune, and the closer we get to world unity, the farther we seem to push it away. These fun items along with cute supplies are always a great addition to a celebration and fun posters that include designs and greetings that are perfect for the celebration will liven up the event and make everyone feel very special. More often than not, these signs and posters will add a lot of fun to the celebrated get together.

Captured photographically by satellites Voyager II, Galileo, and the Hubble Space Telescope, The Shoemaker-Levy comet, named after its founders, Eugene Shoemaker, Carolyn Shoemaker and David Levy, was spotted at Lowell Observatory in Flagstaff, Arizona, March 23, 1993, and its collision with Jupiter in July of 1994, has been compared to the one on earth that created what is now known as the Gulf of Mexico, and ended the reign of dinosaurs on earth.

The late nineties seem, in retrospect, to be filled with sadness. We watched as India-Pakistan nuclear testing began in the nineties. We saw the Hong Kong hand over, and the whole world mourned the passing of, not just a princess, but The People's Princess, when Diana, Princess of Wales' life, which seemed to be steeped in sadness ended, on August 31, 1997.

The whole world watched The Wonder Years and knew the most famous zip code in America with Beverly Hills 90210. The world was shocked by the Bill Clinton sex scandal, as they were rocked by U2, Fiona Apple, and Nirvana. No matter what your take is on the nineties, they brought us to where we are today, and while the verdict is still out as to whether we have improved, stayed somewhere in the middle, or declined, they are far enough away to provide fun party trivia and close enough to not be too much of a challenge to younger guests at your nineties party.

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Nineties History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Nineties theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

The nineties have come and gone and what a fun time we had there, right? We have moments in American history there that can never be taken from us and what a great decade it was. So why not bring out the fun facts and start a nineties movie or trivia game night. This is where you can get people together once a week, or once a month whichever you prefer, take turns going to each others houses where you can serve food that was big in the nineties and each time you will play a different game or trivial pursuit around TV shows, sports or other factual events occurring during the nineties. Again, you have different things like MTV, The Simpsons, the OJ case, and other big events that occurred during this decade, there are several things that you can discuss or play on if you decide to turn this into a weekly or monthly event. Fast food was beginning to hit its peak and delivery drivers were everywhere to be found, have the pizzas delivered, turn on MTV, watch the first seasons of The Real World, The Simpsons, soap operas or anything else that began.

Most people are amazed at the history behind many celebrations and how music from the past and present will add to the event. Like other get togethers this small addition will add a great deal to the celebration. For this reason,guests of the party will find this celebration to be a lot of fun and very special. The nineties were also a launching pad for the fashion industry and we watched as society changed as technology began to become something of the current living style rather than something we only read about. Whether you were a star wars or Star Trek fan there was always something new coming out from cell phones to the first home computers the nineties had several new things to offer all of us. The right favors given to the guests will allow them to remember that day many years from now. Never underestimate the power of a clear glass bowl; fill it with flowers, or glass marbles, or seashells, or candy or chips, or make it a dish garden centerpiece or put holiday ornaments in it. The right favors given to the guests will allow them to remember that day many years from now. The history of Nineties has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Nineties to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Nineties
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