Oscar Decorations & Crafts

Get crafty with fun Oscar theme party craft ideas.   Enjoy making a decorative centerpiece or wall hanging to match the party theme. Lots of party decoration ideas to help make any event more festive.
Oscar Party Decorations

One way to provide both ambience for your Oscar party, and provide a excellent party craft activity that will go home with guests as a fun party favor, is to simply take advantage of photo opportunities just like they do at the Oscars! A good activity for arriving guests as well as candid photos taken through out the night, you can just capture the moment with digital shots! Sometime during the party, you can simply slip off to print these out, and either simply present them in an envelope, or put them in small, inexpensive frames, so that guests may take them home at the end of the evening. As an added option, you might consider an instant print camera as an alternative to having to take the time away from the party to print out the photographs.

What a better way to add entertainment and fun to a celebration than to give the guests the chance to create something using their own craftsmanship or do another type of fun activity? Most hosts will find that this can be done many different ways depending on the age of the guests. For this reason, planning in advance will prove to be very beneficial to the planning of this event. If you are feeling especially crafty, you could even have a Hollywood style photo board they could pose behind with just their heads showing for the Oscar photographs to be taken.

If you wouldn't mind spending a little extra time shopping garage sales and flea markets, your Oscar party could enjoy combining a craft and activity in an Oscar dress up contest using odds and end such as wigs, costume jewelry, feather boas, hats, rhinestone glasses, and miscellaneous glittery paraphernalia. This is a fun game, and everyone can vote for the "best" dressed at the end of the night, while at the same time providing yet another Oscar photo opportunity. Present the "winners" with a prize, and everyone gets yet another photo to add to their wacky Oscar night photo collection!
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Oscar Party Favors

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