Homemade Pajama Themed Costumes 
& Free Printable Stencils

Get creative making a homemade party costume. The Pajama party guide has unique thoughts to make it happen.  In addition, make a silly fun pumpkin or any large fruit decoration with the free printable stencil below.

There are many costume parties that go on day to day and for many different occasions. One of those party themes that never get old is the pajama theme party. In fact, it is the perfect theme for you to create a homemade costume for!

With a pajama theme costume party, there are different levels to what is worn. For the basic pajama party you wear your long night shirt and shorts, long pants and tank top, etc. Then, there is the lingerie pajama theme party. This is where people dress in their sexy lingerie outfits. This is reserved for the older crowd and usually a lot of fun and very popular around Halloween.

Another level of pajama parties is where people actually wear pajama costumes. This is outside of the typical pajamas you would wear to bed. When a pajama costume party theme is given, this usually means things that correlate with sleeping such as a moon, bed, sleeping cap, baby costumes and more. This adds a nice twist and a little more excitement than the normal pajama party.

If you are partaking in a homemade costume pajama party , you will also want to make sure you have the proper accessories to go along with your homemade costume. For example, you could carry around a clock, pillow, blanket or even wear a sleeping cap or have your hair done up in pig-tails. Whichever level of pajama party you go to or have, there are many ways you can create homemade costumes for a very low out of pocket expense overall.
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Free printable Pajama stencil to use to decorate your theme party. If you need to add a little bling to the festivities, floating silver balloons from balloon weights can be such the right touch. Serving guests little appetizers from time to time breaks up any monotone. If you need to add a little bling to the festivities, floating silver balloons from balloon weights can be such the right touch.

Free Printable Stencil Pattern for a Pajama Theme Party

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