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Don't Know What to Say? Want to be knowledgable? How about a little "Party Talk"!
Be full of facts at the next birthday party, holiday celebration or sporting event.
Learn different facts and world records. Plus, general conersation ideas that ALL match the party theme!

For ease of use the party guides with "Party Talk" are organized into 6 categories:
Birthdays   .  Themes  .  TV-Movies  .   Events  .  Sports  .  Holidays

Feel free to share any and all of the ideas and activities on the Party Guides with your friends.

Party World Records . Conversation Starters . Party Talk

Birthday Talk

100th Birthday Party
55,000 Centenarians Living in the United States

1st Birthday Party
Largest Baby Born

21st Birthday Party
Worlds Fasted Beer Drinker

25th Birthday Party
25 Year Old Record for the Mile Broken

30th Birthday Party
World Record for Longest Kiss 30 Hours

40th Birthday Party
World Record for 50 Freestyle set by 40 Year Old Female

50th Birthday Party
Most Expensive Party Ever For 50 Year Old

60th Birthday Party
World Record for Longest Interval Between Births

75th Birthday Party
Worlds Fastest Broadband Connection by 75 Year Old Pensioner

Adult Party
Worlds Largest Strip Poker Tournament

Bar Mitzvah Party
World's Most Lavish Bar Mitzvah

Bat Mitzvah Party
World's Most Expensive Bat Mitzvah

La Quinceanera Party
Hosts Only TV Show About Quinceaneras

Mis Quince Party
Most Famous Mis Quince

Over the Hill Party
The Oldest Living Person

Surprise Party
Greece's First Gold Metal In Hometown Olympics

Sweet 16 Party
World's Most Expensive Ice Sundae

Theme Chats

50s Sock Hop Party
America's First Teenagers

60s Retro Party
70 Million "Baby Boomers" Become Teenagers

70s Party
World' Largest Disco Ball

80s Party
Top TV Shows of the 80's

90s Party
Most Global Warming Ever

Alien Party
Statistics Prove Existence of Aliens

Aloha Party
World's Largest Hawaiian Shirt

Animal Party
Fastest Time to Create a Balloon Dog Sculpture

Ballerina Party
Oldest Performing Ballerina

Beer Party
World Beer Records

Cats Kittens Party
Most Kittens Produced by Domestic Cat

Circus Carnival Clowns Party
World Record for Most Running Leaps On and Off a Horse

Construction Party
World's Tallest Structure

Country Western Party
World Record for Group Yodel

Dinosaur Party
World's Largest Dinosaur

Dog Party
World's Tallest and Smallest Dogs.

Eighties Party
World Series Record for Most Strikeouts

Fiesta Party
World's Largest Enchilada

Fifties Party
1950's Olympic Games World Records

Fire Engine Party
Fastest Fire Truck In the World

Fireman Party
Fastest Marathon Runner in A Fireman's Uniform

Golden Oldies Party
Oldest Professional Chorus Line

Happy Face Party
Happy Face Crater

Hawaiian Party
World's Largest Maze

Hippies Party
Largest Human Peace Sign

Karaoke Party
Top Karaoke Record in China- Again!

Magic Party
World's Highest Paid Magician

Medieval Party
Record Number of Visitors for Medieval Fair

Murder Mystery Party
Most Murderous City New Orleans

Nautical Party
Personal Water Craft World Record

Nineties Party
World Events of the 1990's

Patriotic Party
Women's World Cup with Patriotic Twist

Pink Party
World's Largest Ribbon

Pirate Party
Biggest Opening in Movie History

Princess Party
The Worlds Longest Game Title

Puppy Pups Party
Smallest Dog Living

Red Hat Party
World Record for Most People Attempting A Chorus Line

Roaring 20s Party
Longest Dance Record in roaring Twenties

Safari Jungle Party
World Record Largest Sea bass

Secret Mission Impossible CSI Party
Oldest Married Couple Share Their Secret

Seventies Party
Best Save Ever by A Goalkeeper

Sixties Party
World Record for Clearing 17 feet in Pole Vaulting

Sugar and Spice Party
Hottest Chocolates Have Sugar and Spice

Tea Party
World's Largest Tea Party

Twenties Party
Fastest Mile Run By a Horse

Western Party
Movie Western Celebrate 55 years

Woodstock Party
First Ever Woodstock Museum

TV-Movies Facts

American Hero Party
Most Parachute Jumps in 24 Hours

American Idol Party
Most Television Votes In History

Baby Einstein Party
World Record for Highest Price Paid for a Letter

Baby Seuss Dr. Seuss Party
Green Eggs and Ham

Bakugan Party
Mystery Episode 40 of the Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Barbie Party
Most Expensive Barbie Doll Ever Sold

Barney Party
Guinness World Records Owns HIT Entertainment (Barney)

Batman Party
World Record for the 400 Meter Hurdle

Ben 10 Party
Ben 10: most watched series in Cartoon Network�s history.

Betty Boop Party
World's Largest Choreographed Tap Dance Routine

Blues Clues Party
Most Characters Voiced in a Cartoon Series

Bob the Builder Party
World's Heaviest Building Moved Intact

Bratz Party
Worlds Most Popular Fashion Doll

Cabbage Patch Kids Party
Most Successful New Doll in History

Captain America Party
Captain America Comic Books

Care Bears Party
Smallest Commercially Stitched Teddy Bear

Cat in the Hat Party
World Record for Most People Simultaneously Reading a Book Out Loud

Cheetah Girls Party
The Story Behind the Cheetah Girls

Curious George Party
Who is the Man in the Yellow Hat?

Disney Cars Party
Celebrate Volunteers-Walt Disney

Disney Gang Party
World's Largest Pinata

Disney Princess Party
Most Famous Disney Princess

Disney's Tangled Party
Disney�s Tangled is the most expensive animated film ever made.

Dora the Explorer Party
World Record Polar Explorer

Elmo Party
Worlds Largest Hokey Pokey Song and Dance Routine

Elvis Party
World Records for Elvis

Fairly Odd Parents Party
World Record for Oldest Man to Father Child

Fairy Princess Party
World's Longest Wedding Dress Train

Finding Nemo Party
World's Largest Freshwater Fish

G. I. Joe Party
The Inspiration Behind G.I. Joe

Glee Party
Miriah Carey's Wordwide Record

Go Diego Go Party
Spin off of Highest Grossing Project to Date

Green Lantern Party
The Green Lantern Comic Books

Hannah Montana Party
Worlds Most Popular Disney Character

Harry Potter Party
The Worlds First Billionaire Author Most Translated Author in History

Hello Kitty Party
World's Most Expensive Hello Kitty Doll

Hollywood Party
Most Extravagant "I'm Famous" Hollywood Party

Hot Wheels Party
Largest Collection of Model Cars

Hulk Party
World's Largest Sandwich

iCarly Party
David Archuletta on iCarly

Incredible Hulk Party
Bodybuilding World Record

Jonas Brothers Party
The Jonas Brothers� Vow to chastity

Justin Bieber Party
The fabulous Life of Justin Bieber

Kung Fu Panda Party
Kung Fu Panda Box Office Hit

Madagascar Party
World Record for Frog Diversity in Madagascar

Marvel Super Hero Squad Party
Marvel Super Hero Squad wins coveted Editor�s Choice Award.

Mickey Mouse Party
Worlds Record for the Largest Sculpture out of Popcorn

Minnie Mouse Party
Is Minnie Miss or Mrs. Mouse?

My Little Pony Party
My Little Pony celebrates over 25 years of thrilling both children and toy collectors

Ni Hao Kai-Lan Party
Ni Hao Kai-Lan wins Parent's Choice Award for exposing children to Chinese language and culture.

Oscar Party
World Record for Oscar Nominations

Phineas and Ferb Party
Phineas and Ferb wins Emmy for Outstanding Writing in Animation

Pirates of the Caribbean Party
Pirates of the Caribbean Earned Billions of $

Pokemon Party
The worlds largest Pokemon Collection

Powerpuff Girls Party
Highest Rated Premiere in Cartoon Network History

Princess and the Frog Party
The Princess and the Frog featuring Disney�s first Black princess was nominated for two Academy Awards.

Rock Star Party
The First Rock Stars in America

Rolie Polie Olie Party
Youngest Member of "Mensa" Ever

Scooby Doo Party
Most Episodes of a Cartoon Series Ever

Sesame Street Abby Cadabby Party
Most Emmy Wins For A Television Series

Shark Tales Party
World Record Shark Catch

Shrek Party
The Quick Story Behind Shrek�s Accent

Smurfs Party
The Smurfs Success

Spiderman Party
Spiderman Smashed Box Office records for Opening Weekend

Spongebob Party
Worlds Fastest Campfire Song

Star Wars Party
The Movie Blockbuster that Shouldn�t Have Been Star Wars

Strawberry Shortcake Party
World's Largest Tea Party

Superhero Party
Worlds Most Flexible Man Alive

Superman Party
Superman Slam Dunk Champion

Survivor Party
Survivor of Lightning Strike

Thats So Raven Party
Most Viewers for an Episode Ever

The Incredibles Party
Largest Box-office Opening of an Animated Film in 1st Weekend

Thomas the Tank Engine Party
World's Oldest Still Running Locomotive

Thor: The Mighty Avenger Party
Batman's Comic Book Worldwide Record

Tinkerbell Party
The 2007 Guinness World Records as the World's "Most Overrated Celebrity"

Toy Story Party
Disney-Pixar�s Toy Story is among the top grossing film series of all time.

Tweety Party
Most Famous Cartoon Character

Twilight Party
The Fifth Twilight Book

Under the Sea Party
Breath Holding World Record David Blaine

Wiggles Party
World Record for Wiggles Skipping Simultaneously for 3 Minutes

Winnie the Pooh Party
World's Smallest Teddy Bear

Wonder Pets Party
Wonder Pets won an Emmy in 2008 for Outstanding Achievement in Music Direction and Composition.

Wow Wow Wubbzy Party
Wow, Wow, Wubbzy wins Emmy in the Individual Achievement in Animation category.

Yu Gi Oh Party
Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG World Championship Event

Events Records

25th Anniversary Party
World Record for Most Nationalities in a Sauna

30th Anniversary Party
World's Fastest Street Legal Sedan

50th Wedding Anniversary Party
Most Famous Couple to Celebrate 50 years of Marriage

Anniversary Party
World's Longest Married Couple

Awards Night Party
World Record for the Most Album Sales Goes to Michael Jackson

Baby Shower Party
Famous Couple Celebrate Baby Shower

Bachelor Party
The World's Oldest Bachelor

Bachelorette Party
World's Most Overrated Person

Baptism Party
Biggest Mass Baptism in History

Barbecue Party
World�s Biggest Barbeque at 61,600 Pounds!

BBQ Party
Biggest Barbeque in the World

Beach Party
World's Biggest Beach Party

Birthday Party
World's Oldest Piercee

Book Party
World's Most Sold Copyrighted Book

Bridal Shower Party
Largest Wedding Banquet

Brunch Party
World's Largest Brunch

Christening Party
Christening of the World's Largest Crane

Clambake Party
Early Humans Threw Clambakes

Class Reunion Party
World's Largest Class Reunion

Cocktail Party
The First Cocktail Party

Congratulations Party
Making History First Gay Marriages

Corporate Party
Corporate Entrepreneur Sets Skydiving World Record

Election Day Party
Obama�s World Record Presidential Campaign Budget!

Engagement Party
World's Longest Engagement

First Communion Party
First World Record for Stone Skipping

Fraternity Party
Worlds Largest Twister Game

Garden Party
World's Largest Ice Sculpture at Garden Party

Good Luck Party
Women's Triple Jump World Record

Graduation Party
Most Sets of Twins Graduating

Hawaiian Luau Party
Word's Largest Polynesian Night Show

Holiday Party
Most Holidays Celebrated

Holy Communion Party
Worlds Largest Cross

Homecoming Party
Most Couples Kissing at Homecoming

Kids Party
World Record for Chain Letter for Kids

Let the Countdown Begin Party
Most Software Downloads in 24 Hours

Lobsterfest Party
World's Largest Lobster Festival

Luau Party
World's Largest Luau

Office Party
World's Largest Office Chair

Pajama Party
World's Largest Pillow Fight

Pool Party
World's Largest Swimming pool

Prom Party
Geekiest Prom Ever

Retirement Party
World's Oldest Living Chimp Comes Out of Retirement

Rock and Roll Party
World's Record for Most Running Elvis'

School Party
World Record for Mentos Geysers

Slumber Party
World Record for No Sleep

Spa Party
Fish Spas are Hottest New Trend

Wine Tasting Party
Largest Synchronized Wine-Tasting

Work Party
World's Hardest-Working and Oldest Plant

Sports Talk

American Chopper Party
World's Fastest Motorcycles

Baseball Party
Largest Baseball Contract

Basketball Party
World Record Basketball Dribbler

Bowling Party
Roots of Bowling

Casino Party
World Record Payout

Cheerleading Party
World�s Largest Cheerleading Dance

Dance Party
World's Largest Country Line Dance

Daytona 500 Party
First Father and Son to Finish 1st and 2nd

Disco Party
World's Largest Disco Ball

Football Party
Worlds Record for Most Football Touches in 30 Seconds

Golf Party
Longest Drive Ever Hit.

Gymnastics Party
The first Perfect Gymnast

Indianapolis 500 Party
Largest Indy Purse Ever

Kentucky Derby Party
Fastest Time for Kentucky Derby

MLB Baseball Party
Largest Attendance for a Baseball Game

Motocross Party
World's Longest Motorcross Jump

Motorcycle Rally Party
World's Largest Motorcycle Parade

Nascar Racing Party
Slotcar World Driving Record

NFL Football Party
World's Record Most Touchdown Receptions

Olympics Party
World Record for Most Appearances by an Athlete

Poker Party
Largest Cash Poker Tournament

Soccer Party
World Record for Balancing a Soccer Ball

Sports Party
Worlds Record for Most Consecutive Wins in Handheld Game

Tailgate Party
World's Largest Softball Tailgater

Texas Holdem Party
Most Popular Poker Game in the world

X Games Party
Most Consecutive Skateboard Frontside Ollies (halfpipe))

Arizona Cardinals Party
First team to reach double digits and not go to the playoffs

Atlanta Falcons Party
Most Career Rushing Yards

Baltimore Ravens Party
Defensive Back Inducted to the Pro Bowl the Most Times

Buffalo Bills Party
Career Receptions Leader

Carolina Panthers Party
Longest Interception Return

Chicago Bears Party
All-Time Leading Scorer

Cincinnati Bengals Party
1st Time Ever First 1,000-Yard Rusher

Cleveland Browns Party
First Team player inducted into the Hall of Fame. Also first quarterback.

Dallas Cowboys Party
Longest Funble Return

Denver Broncos Party
First to Pass 400 yards in a game

Detroit Lions Party
Most Career Rushing Yards

Green Bay Packers Party
Longest Pass Completion

Houston Texans Party
Most Career Receptions

Indianapolis Colts Party
First Shutout / Lopsided Win

Jacksonville Jaguars Party
First 4,000 Yard Passing Season

Kansas City Chiefs Party
Longest Kickoff Return

Miami Dolphins Party
All Time Leading Scorer

Minnesota Vikings Party
First Playoff Appearance

New England Patriots Party
First Patriot Elected to the Hall of Fame

New Orleans Saints Party
Most Career Receptions

New York Giants Party
First New York Giants 1000 yards rusher

New York Jets Party
Longest Punt in the NFL

Oakland Raiders Party
All Time Leading Scorer

Philadelphia Eagles Party
First Televised Game

Pittsburgh Steelers Party
First to Pass 400 yards in a game

San Diego Chargers Party
Warmest Game in Team History

San Francisco 49ers Party
All Time Leading Scorer

Seattle Seahawks Party
First Pro Bowl Selection

St Louis Rams Party
Most Points Scored in a Game

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Party
First Playoff Appearance

Tennessee Titans Party
First to Catch 100 Passes in a Season

Washington Redskins Party
Longest Interception Return

Holiday Facts

4th of July Party
Most Hot Dogs Eaten in Record Time

Administrative Professionals Day Party
Worlds Fastest Secretary

Chanukah Party
Most Dreidels Spun at One Time

Chinese New Year Party
Longest Chronological Record in History

Christmas Party
Largest Christmas Angel Ornament

Cinco de Mayo Party
Most Tacos Eaten in 3 Hours

Columbus Day Party
Most boats to Participate in Columbus Day Regatta

Earth Day Party
World Record Set by 80 Year Old

Easter Party
World's Largest Easter Egg Hunt

Fathers Day Party
World's Most Popular Father's Day Song

Flag Day Party
World's Largest Post It Note

Grandparents Day Party
World's Oldest Living Grandmother

Groundhog Day Party
Largest Attendance to View Groundhog Day

Halloween Party
World's Largest Pumpkin

Hanukkah Party
World's Largest Menorah

Independence Day Party
Largest Movie Opening

Kwanzaa Party
First Women's Kwanzaa Album

Labor Day Party
World�s Tallest Sand Castle

Mardi Gras Party
World's Largest Bloody Mary

Martin Luther King Jr Party
Record Number of Volunteers Participating in Service

Memorial Day Party
World Record For Most Brats Eaten

Mothers Day Party
World Record for Mother With Most Births

New Years Eve Party
World Record for New Years Eve Motorcross Jump

Oktoberfest Party
World's Largest Chicken Dance

Passover Party
World's Largest Seder

Presidents Day Party
World's Largest Lego Tower

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) Party
World Record for Most Number of Shofars Blown at Once

St Patricks Day Party
World Record for Most Four Leaf Clovers Found

Super Bowl Party
Highest Price Ever Paid for a 30 Second Commercial

Superbowl Party
Most Watched Superbowl

Thanksgiving Party
World Record for Heaviest Dressed Turkey

Valentines Day Party
Most Couples Married Underwater

Veterans Day Party
Most Sought After Book Written by a Pilot

Yom Kippur Party
World Record of Shofar Blowers at one Time

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