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For new and exciting party tips, just use the imagination. Anything that is available for purchase can be custom altered or made just for the party theme from scratch. Adding colors, feathers, glitter, and other great scrapbooking and crafting items always adds dimension to centerpieces and decorations.

Party Tips by Mrs. Party

Dear Mrs. Party,

I'm planning a ladies golf outing with the theme casino.  Do you have ideas for table decorating and prizes to give away?  I am also struggling with what kinds of food to serve.  There are approximately 50 ladies attending the event.  I would appreciate any help  

Barb Scott Windmills Golf Course  

Hi Barb,    

That sounds like fun.  Some favors and prizes could be deck of cards, card holder, colored golf balls.  There are decorations and more party ideas here: Party Supplies and Party Decorations    

Some food ideas... Cashew Chicken salad, mandarin oranges with sugared almonds in a green salad, fruit kabobs, and popovers.    

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino


If you are planning to have party favors, the party favors can double as table decorations.  At restaurants the table can be crowed so I like something small but cute.  Mini vases with a bamboo plant and chocolate in the shape of a musical note are fun if you are doing party favors.  Place one at each place setting.  Otherwise, confetti and music sheets rolled with thin ribbon make lovely theme table decorations. 
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

I am throwing a surprise birthday party for my husbands 30th birthday party. The theme will be a murder mystery dinner. I am looking for ideas for decorations/centerpieces for the tables.
Mindy Ferguson

Hi Mindy,
    There is a wonder selection of Black light party items at Black Light party theme . Sherlock Holmes and the game "Clue" type items would also make cute centerpieces. 

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,
 Any ideas for my mom?  She is turning 60!

Hi Peggy,
    Think about activities that your mom likes to do.  Does she play cards, go to the movies, like western music, wants to go to Hawaii, Las Vegas, was there a particular era that was her favorite, etc.  It is important that you put yourself in her shoes.  What does SHE really like?
    Here are a few theme ideas:   Decade themes - click here and  Fun party themes 
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,  

My husband and I are planning a party and want it to be seafood themed (he plans on serving fried catfish). I would like to know if you have any other ideas on how I could theme the party (decorations, etc.) and what other types of food I could serve along with the catfish. Its going to be an outdoor, casual event in the summer. Thanks so much. Vicki

Two themes come to mind, Luau and Beach.  There are lots of fun decorations and ideas at Luau Party and  Lobsterfest Party for both these themes. For the food, BBQ chicken breast or a tri-tip for the non fish eaters.  Rice with dried cranberries, corn on the cob, green salad with mandarin oranges and sugared almond slices, and fruit kabobs are some yummy side dish ideas.    

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,  

I am heading the decorating committee for my sons 5th grade luncheon and need ideas for centerpieces for each table.  There will be 25 tables, each 6 ft. long with 10 children at each table.  The theme is Safari.  The luncheon is taking place in a lodge already decorated in a safari theme.  We want the decorations to be fun and age appropriate.  Do you have any ideas?  

Thanks, Sandy

Bonzi palm trees (I just bought one, there so cute!), animal beanie babies with balloons, and toy jeeps are unique centerpieces.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,

I'm having a graduation party for my son. The place we rented is supposed to supply decorations. When I called to inquire about the decorations the lady was vague, tablecloth & balloons only, I believe. Can you suggest anything else, I don't want his table to look bare.

Find out if the balloons are center pieces or on the chairs.  You can add confetti, disposable cameras, and party favors to each table.  Also, add a center piece if the balloons are going on each chair.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hello Mrs. Party.

I am preparing a b-day party for my 6 year old daughter. We are having it in
a park. Any ideas for her birthday I have a lot of kids coming. Thanks.

Here some ideas for a party at the park...  Water balloon catch,  egg toss, and a bouncy bounce are fun activities.  A bunch of large beach balls that the kids can just play with and then take home as party favors.  Bring music, weights for the table cloths, and a few extra favors for unexpected siblings.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hello Mrs. Party -

I love your website (Baby Shower Games Etc), it is very informative.  My only question is after a game is played what kind of prizes is appropriate especially if the husbands are there? 

Thank you,

Wine, champagne, tickets to a sporting event, and a booklet of free car washes says Mr. Party (my husband).  I was thinking a night of baby sitting (if the guests have kids too), fruit basket, plant, or a box of chocolates.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,  

Do you having good ideas for a 11 yrs old slumber party?

Alan D.

Personalized flashlights make perfect party favors for slumber parties personalized party favor Ghost stories, popcorn and videos are fun.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party, 

I am throwing a surprise party for my husband when he takes his oath of citizenship. I went with an all American theme, everything red white and blue. Should I expect/allow people to bring gifts or specify they are not necessary? Any suggestions on an original cake? I am so tried of blue berries and strawberries every 4th of July!

Jessica R. 

I would not mention anything about gifts on the invitation for this type of party.  For the cake you can put mini toys like the Statue of Liberty, eagles, flags, and the Liberty bell.   

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,

Do you have or suggest anything for girls 10 yr old slumber parties?

Personalized flashlights make perfect party favors for slumber parties personalized party favor Ghost stories, popcorn and videos are fun.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,

Could you give me an idea about my sons 11th birthday party. 

Ask your son what he is interested in for a theme.  Here are some ideas for 11 year old boys: Gameboy fun, sports, military, disco, western, and blacklight. 

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hello Mrs. Party,

We are having a bridal shower for 75 people in April. Any clever ideas 
for opening gifts in a expeditious fashion while still making the 
guests feel their gifts are valued? 


Try serving dessert during the gift opening.  Also, some of the brides close friends who don't have an ego, can have their gifts opened later.  Have a special signal that you give the bride so that she knows to keep moving.

Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party, 

I'm having a party for my mother's 60th birthday.  I want to know do you
have any ideas on how to decorate my cake table and what can I decorate
the poles in the room with (there are 6 poles)?


Well, if you live here in California, I say fresh cut flowers would be lovely on the cake table.  Is there a theme?  How wide are the poles?  You can use something from the theme to decorate the poles.  Otherwise, you can wrap them with table cloths to match the decor.
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party, 

How Are u?
We're having a basketball party for our son who is turning 6. Do u have any suggestions?


Personalized sports bottles are cute party favors available at You can bake your own basketball cake using a metal bowl.  Use lots of basketball pictures as decorations.  To get lots of pictures, do an IMAGE search on Copy the picture to your word processor and print them out. Have fun!
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,

I am having a conformation party for my daughter, any suggestions on favors and center pieces.

H.F., MA

Hi H.F.,
    For basic party supplies, here is a nice selection: Click Here for Religious party supplies and for nice lasting favors you might want to consider personalized party favors click here for personalized party favors.
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Dear Mrs. Party,

I am planning a 10th birthday for my son, he loves the incredible hulk and I am having a hard time finding paper plates, balloons napkins.....Please help!

Desperately seeking incredible hulk theme items...

Maritza P.

Hi Maritza,
    Companies that produce items featuring copyrighted products, such as the Incredible Hulk, must pay a license fee to the owner of the product.  If the product if currently not popular, then it is financially difficult for a company to maintain the license fee.  
    You might want to use the color green as the paper goods and use posters as the decorations.  Also, small pictures laminated will make nice placemats.  Check on sites like
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Hi Mrs. Party,

I am trying to throw a 60th surprise b'day party for my mum.  Can you give me some ideas for the theme and party favors, etc?  Thanks.

Ama B. K.
Rockville, MD

Hi Ama,
    Think about activities that your mom likes to do.  Does she play cards, go to the movies, like western music, wants to go to Hawaii, Las Vegas, was there a particular era that was her favorite, etc.  It is important that you put yourself in her shoes.  What does SHE really like?
    Here are a few theme ideas:   Decade themes - click here and Fun themes including music, luau, western, black light and much more - click here 
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Dear Mrs. Party, 
I'm having a party and I need advice. My sister and I share a room and she won't clean it up. How can I get her to clean up the room?

    Your sister probably does not even notice or care about the mess.  She would have to be embarrassed by a friend, boyfriend, or relative before she would clean the room.  You and your parents will only irritate her and could cause the reverse affect.  
    Many times a messy room is because of too much stuff and no where to put it.  So tell your sister that it is time to help out the local Goodwill, Church or other charity.  Get a bunch of boxes and put all the clothes that haven't been worn in a year in them.  Then donate them.  Get shoe boxes and started sorting the little junk and organize!  Pencils in one, Jewelry in another, Hair clips in another, etc.  Make it a positive team project, it is time to help out others!
    Anyone else who has ideas, email me and I'll post them.
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Mrs. Party,
     We are throwing an 80th birthday party for my aunt.  Do you have any suggestions for theme, party favors, etc.

Hi Selina,
    There are lots of unique and fun themes to choose from depending on the personality of your Aunt.  Some ideas include Luau, Western, Casino, Safari, Music, or Black Light (very unique).  Favors can be funny like canes with horns to serious where you take a picture of each guest with your Aunt.  Then give each guest a frame and the picture.  Have fun!
Mrs. Party... Gail Leino

Dear Mrs. Party,
We're having a birthday party at the park for my son.  Some of the parents have asked to bring siblings.  I said yes since it's a large area.  Should I have both food and party favors for the siblings?  We are really on a budget.
D.N. Houston, TX.

Dear D.N.,
Yes, have food and party favors for everyone.  My 3 year old always cries in the car after a party that my son went to and has a party favor that he won't give her.  Always think of the guests.  Babysitters are costly and parties should be the more the merrier.  So I'm glad you are letting the siblings come.

There is a way to do this inexpensively.  If you have personalized party favors for the invitee, then just have goody bags for the extra kids.  As for the food, kids don't eat that much, so having a little extra like a pizza should be within the budget. 
Mrs. Party ... Gail Leino

Dear Mrs. Party,
I put R.S.V.P. with a date on invitations to a party.  Not everyone has replied by the date.  Should I call them or assume they are not coming.
K.Q. Chicago, IL.

Dear K.Q.,
Give them a friendly call just in case they never received the invitation.  Sometimes I get an invitation that says, "R.S.V.P. Regrets Only."  I disagree with this, since there is a chance that someone accidentally may not have received the invitation.
Mrs. Party ... Gail Leino

Dear Mrs. Party,
Do you think it's okay to serve beer to the adults at my preschooler's birthday party?
R.B., NY, NY

Dear R.B.,
I don't see why not.  (If any readers feel strongly against it, I'd like to hear from you.)  Make sure, of course that there are non alcoholic choices.
Mrs. Party ... 

Dear Mrs. Party,
My 6 year old son is having a party and inviting all the boys in the first grade.  There is one mother, which I can't stand, whose son caused my son to get stitches when playing soccer.  Her kid is rough.  Do you think it is okay not to invite her son to the party?
L.P., Seattle, WA

Dear L.P.,
No.  You should not exclude one child.  If you do, you will be the _itch. Kids forgive and forget much sooner then adults.  Accidents happen when kids play sports.
Mrs. Party ...

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