Passover Party Guide
Handmade Favors & Conversation Starters

The Passover party guide have creative ideas for handmade party favors.  Plus, what's a celebration without theme oriented conversion!  Join in with interesting facts and unusual world records that match a Passover theme party.

The traditional colors of Passover are usually blue and white, so your homemade party favors should include these colors. Begin with the Star of David. Make several of them of blue and white cardboard or construction paper for your buffet table and the walls of your party rooms.

Your handmade party favors can continue with a figure in the likeness of Moses. Just take a cardboard tube, drape it in brown felt to look like a cape and hood. Inside the hood will be another felt piece, this time the color is flesh or peach. Draw eyes on it, and it will be the face. Add small felt pieces as hands, one holding a scrap of cardboard with black writing on it. This is the Ten Commandments. A brown pipe cleaner that be the shepherd’s staff, and you can add white yarn or doll hair to make the hair and whiskers. Glue it all together with crafting glue and it makes a great little homemade centerpiece.

For this tradition, your handmade party favors can expand tradition by adding silk flower arrangements of all colors all around the room. This will add to the festivities by adding color and a bit of excitement to the party area. Gold is also an important part of the decorations for this traditional holiday, so do include splashes of gold in your flower arrangements.

Add blue and white streamers with your own handmade party favors touch by including one of your Star of David cutouts on some of them. A blue, white, and gold balloon bouquet will also create a festive atmosphere at the table, as it hovers over a weighted golden dradle created by you. Quick tip: Planning ahead is key to being prepared for any event as the hostess of the day. As you plan a menu for a celebration remember, there may be vegetarians and vegans on the guest list so plan accordingly. A blank wall is a canvas waiting to be decorated with your artistic related theme ideas.
300+ Conversation Starters to share with your friends. Pick a theme that matches the event.

For Passover share this with friends:
Passover World Record, Facts and Party Talk!

World's Largest Seder

When throwing a Passover party enjoy some Holiday related talk for some interesting party conversation. The largest Seder in the world takes place In Lubavitch, a townlet in the county of Mohilev, White Russia. Emissaries will again be dispatched to the "rooftop of the world," a favorite destination of Jewish trekkers - particularly Israelis who have finished their army service and are out to "see the world." 450 pounds of Matzah, lots of kosher fish, meat, wine and Haggadahs, will be served to more than 1,000 young Jews.

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Passover Party Favors
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Passover Party Favors

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