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Spice up the dinner table with free printable food label cards, yummy recipes, and pen and paper activities to match a Pirate Birthday party.  Our theme matching party guide can help your event be a success.
Pirate Party Supplies. Games & Prizes

Pirate Homemade Beef Stick<

My husband and his friends wanted to have a Halloween party, I had the theme be Pirates and made this fun, delicious Beef stick and they were unbelievable. No one believed my creativity and they were amazed that I had made them on my own.

5 lbs cheap lamb or beef (ground) 2 1/2 tsp liquid smoke (Wright's)
2 1/2 tsp garlic salt
2 1/2 tsp mustard seed
5 heaping tsp Morton's tender quick

Mix all ingredients together well and refrigerate. Remove and kneed for 5 minutes each of the next three days. On day 4, divide into 6 segments and form into logs (~1 1/2-2 inch diameter). Place on broiler pan and bake in oven at 160 F for 9 hrs. When done, pat with paper towel to remove excess grease. Keeps in refrigerator for 3 wks, and can be frozen.

Whether its your Halloween party or just any festivity and you like beef, please make this beef sticks and see for yourself the results, their awesome. Most hosts will find that fun and exciting activities along with an assortment of delcious foods will add a great deal to this fun filled celebration. More often than not fun activities in which everyone can play and participate along with decorative supplies will liven up the event and make it very special. For this reason, planning and organization will be very beneficial for the host. Match the party recipe with delicious Pirate party supplies to keep the theme flowing. Sprinkle the event with a perfect Sports recipe for more tasty food. When you can't find a good decorating idea, visit the local craft stores and just walk around taking everything in, an idea or inspiration may well occur to you. Have some fun and show your creativity with handmade invitations to your celebration. When you can't find a good decorating idea, visit the local craft stores and just walk around taking everything in, an idea or inspiration may well occur to you.

Free Pirate Theme Recipe
Free Pirate Theme Menu
Free Pirate Food Label Cards
Free Pirate Name Cards
Free Pirate Party Game
Keep the guests moving, laughing, and entertained with these Pirate Party Tips. Try creating a menu to match the celebration.

This Pirate party will delight your guests old and young. Do you know that September 19th the international Talk Like a Pirate Day? There are some ideas that can be great for a more Adult pirate party such as Warm Buttered Rum. Yum! Or ideas that are better for a kids pirate party such as those gold foil chocolate coins. A great party menu can really make your party outstanding and memorable for your friends and family. After all there is nothing a yummy as being able to chow down on someone else's foodstuffs.

This exciting celebration is the perfect time for creative desserts and other party foods designed especially for this celebration. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of delicious foods that are designed especially for this celebration will make everyone feel very special. More often than not, these great party foods and desserts will add a lot of fun to the celebrated event. Your pirate guests are probably too small to drink grog but there’s plenty of buttered rum flavored cake, cookie and candy recipes to make an authentic Caribbean party. Purchased rum flavoring can be substituted for the vanilla flavoring in any favorite recipe. It is especially effective as a flavoring in icing so that a traditional birthday cake with rum flavoring is probably the best option. Decorate with a plastic cake topper treasure chest and use gold foil wrapped chocolate coins in a candy dish or party favor sized nut cups. What do pirates eat? Well they probably ate a lot of fish while laying low on desserted islands. Fish sticks and French fries are simple but appropriate menu options. Tropical fruits either served raw or in the form of fruit punch will also create the desired island atmosphere. A watermelon boat might be a fun and healthy way to further the pirate theme. Use three wooden skewers to create masts on the half watermelon that is scooped out with a melon ball maker. Make sails for the masts from cheesecloth or paper. Refill with the melon balled fruit pieces and small chunks of your other favorite fruits. A small skull and crossbones flag should be made on paper or cloth with magic marker and flown proudly over the other desserts at your party.

Once you have your Pirate party menu down pat you will be looking for some activities to keep your guests occupied. Arrgh! A costume party is lots of fun for this event and guests can come dressed as their favorite buccaneers. Have plenty of pirate themed games on hand to start up the minute your party starts to get a little run down and nothings more fun than a treasure hunt. Did someone say gold? By just adding even one simple food item to the menu will help create a complete Pirate event mood.

Free printable Pirate food label cards to  that go with the festivities. Use at the buffet to label the dishes or place on the dinner table for assigned seating.
Pirate Placename Cards

Instantly Print Food Label Cards!

CREEPERS SLAMMERS: Good for large groups too! Sitting at a table, having people on either side of you and across from you. Most hosts will find that fun and exciting activities such as this are always a great addition to any type of celebration. More often than not fun activities in which everyone can play and participate will liven up the event and make it very special. For this reason, planning in advance will be very beneficial for the host. Divide your group into two teams. One team at a time takes a turn passing a quarter under the table carefully so that the people across from you on the other team cannot see where the quarter is. Then at any time the other team that does not have the quarter tells you to stop! They either yell CREEPERS, All the people on the team that has the quarter must bring both hands up on the table and slowly try to open their hands with their palms down trying not to allow the quarter to drop loudly. The opposite team tries to guess where the quarter is. If the opposite team calls SLAMMERS then everyone on your team brings their hands up quickly slamming them down with palms down and open. The other team tries to guess who has the quarter. Just take turns until you are tired of playing. It is a lot of fun and everyone can join in. The winner is the team with least number of guesses to find the quarter. Lots more Pirate celebration thoughts here Birthday Party Games. Also, check out the Scooby Doo Party Ideas.

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