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Spice up the dinner table with free printable food label cards, yummy recipes, and pen and paper activities to match a Pokemon Theme party.  Our theme matching party guide can help your event be a success.
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Pokémon Pretzel’s

Pokémon pretzels are great appetizers for children to have while watching Pokémon cartoons, or when you want to reward your child for good behavior or grades. This exciting celebration is the ideal time for a variety of creative sweets and other tasty treats designed especially for this event. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of enjoyable desserts that are designed especially for this gathering will make very happy and glad that came to the celebration.Make these easy Pokémon pretzels and surprise your little ones. These do great snacks and kids really do love them when warm.

* 1 tbsp. yeast
* ˝ c. warm water
* 1 tsp. honey
* 1-1/3 c. flour
* 1 tsp. salt

1. Preheat the oven to 325° Fahrenheit (165° Celsius).
2. Put the yeast in a small bowl with the water and honey. Stir a little, then let the mixture sit for 5 minutes.
3. Mix the flour and salt together in a medium bowl.
4. After the 5 minutes is up, check on the yeast mixture. It should be bigger than before and a little bubbly. Add this mixture to the flour and salt mixture.
5. Stir everything together. Use a spoon to start. Finish with your hands. The dough is ready when it's still a little crumbly and flaky.
6. Put the dough on the cutting board and knead it like you are playing with clay. Knead it into one big ball.
7. Break off a piece of dough that's about the size of a big gumball or super ball. Use your hands to roll it into a skinny snake.
8. Twist the snake into a medium-size pretzel shape, and put it on the cookie sheet. Do this with all the dough, making 12 pretzels.
9. Bake your pretzels for 10 minutes. Let them cool and take a bite!

Serves: 12 These Pokémon pretzels are great to make for all occasions as they are easy to prepare and all age groups will love them. You can serve them sweet and add jelly, or even some frosting of your choice. You can also make them salty and dip them in cheese. These Pokémon pretzels can be really fun and enjoyable for the entire family. A menu with party recipes using Pokemon party supplies is perfect to stick to your cartoon party theme. Spice up your recipe with an Powerpuff Girls recipe to add to your menu.

Free Pokemon Theme Recipe
Free Pokemon Theme Menu
Free Pokemon Food Label Cards
Free Pokemon Name Cards
Free Pokemon Party Game
Keep the guests moving, laughing, and entertained with thesePokemon Party Ideas. Try creating a menu to match the party theme.

Pokémon Menu
A Pokémon menu for a party is fun and easy to create. This exciting event is the ideal time for creative desserts and other party foods designed especially for this celebration. These items are always a great addition to a celebration and most often the addition of delicious foods that are designed especially for this celebration will make everyone feel very special. More often than not, these great party foods and desserts will add a lot of fun to the celebrated event.With just a little time and effort you will be well on your way to having the best menu available.

Snack Table: On the snack table, you will want items that represent Pokémon. This could be something as simple as the color of a Pokémon being translated into the food. You can place the Pokémon picture on the outside of the tray to make sure they catch the reference. In turn, it will also provide fuel for the players as they will choose to eat from their Pokémon of choice.

Cookies are always a great snack to place on the table. You can bake your own or buy them already made. To add the Pokémon theme, make sure they have red and white on them. A great example of this would be a white chocolate covered Oreo with red icing on it.

Main Dish: For the main dish, chicken nuggets and fries or tatter tots are a great meal. Chicken nuggets make a great meal because the children will not want to sit down for a long time. They will want to get up and play. In fact, they may want to take their meal with them. Chicken nuggets are easily portable and not very messy in the case of an accident.

Dessert: For dessert, you can have cake and ice cream. You can choose to buy a premade cake, or make one yourself. If you choose to make one yourself, you can get a round cake mold and make a large Pokémon ball cake. Frost the cake with half white icing and half red icing. You can then run a line of black frosting, or black candy such as liquorish down the center as a divider. Afterwards you can decorate the cake as desired. It adds a great touch if you purchase action figures from the store and place them on the cake as well. By just adding even one simple food item to the menu will help create a complete Pokemon theme party feeling.

Free printable Pokemon food label cards to  match the party theme. Use at the buffet to label the dishes or place on the dinner table for assigned seating.
Pokemon Placename Cards

Instantly Print Food Label Cards!

Pokémon Game Ideas
Poke Ball Hunt: Every child loves to hunt for things, especially when there is a prize at the end. This game is designed like an Easter egg hunt. Most of your guests will enjoy entertaining and fun activities such as this while they enjoy good friends and delicious food. More often than not, these are the perfect ingredients for a great get together and celebration. The majority of the time these activities are designed for guests of all ages and exciting enough to keep everyone involved in the event.

1. Purchase golf balls or some sort of all white ball. Make sure you have enough where each child can find a good amount.
2. Paint the balls either half black and red or half red and white.
3. Hide the poke balls.

Before the game, outline the rules. These rules can be that each child is only allowed to collect a certain amount or they are not hidden in certain areas of the house. Make sure these rules are clear so no one hurts themselves.

Gather all the participants in a room and release them at the same time. For extra fun, use a time limit and give little prizes for each poke ball they find. Lots more Pokemon party ideas here Theme Party Games. Also, check out the Bakugan Party Ideas.

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