Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages

These free Powerpuff Girls coloring pages are a fun activity for the kids. Have the children color in pictures while waiting for other guests to arrive at the party. Also, this activity will keep the kids busy at the dinner table.

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The Powerpuff Girls, Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup help save the town from the evil Mojo Jojo. The free printable Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages are a fun way to keep the kids occupied at the dinner table or a party. Powerpuff Girls party planning is perfect for any fan of the popular Powerpuff Girls with Buttercup, Blossom, Bubbles and Mojo Jojo. Decorate your Powerpuff Girls party with lots of Powerpuff Girls toys and products. Match the coloring page to your parties theme. Keep the drawings and laminate them. Then surprise the kids by using them for placemats at next years Powerpuff Girls celebration.
Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages
The Party Supplies Hut has free printable party games including coloring pages, word scramble, word find, and word search.

Free Printable Powerpuff Girls Party Games:
Powerpuff Girls Coloring Pages
Powerpuff Girls Word Find
Powerpuff Girls Word Scramble
Powerpuff Girls Word Search

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Powerpuff Girls Party Games

Powerpuff Girls with their large, brightly colored eyes and all-around cuteness make for adorable homemade cookies. More often than not these great desserts and other tasty finger type treats will be a great addition to any special celebration. These amazing finger desserts along with other treats that are designed especially for this celebration will make everyone feel very special. These great party foods and desserts along with good friends will add a lot of fun to the event or celebration. To get started, use an oval shape cookie cutter to cut out the Powerpuff Girls and bake the desired cookie recipe. Add extra cookie dough to Blossom to create her bow and cookie dough on the side of Bubbles head for her pigtails. Once the cookies are baked then the decorating fun can begin Draw out the features of the Powerpuff Girls using a food marker. The food marker will act as a guide so that the cookie maker does not have to free hand the royal icing. Apply a thin line of black royal icing over the food marker. Fill in the flesh color, light cream color, of the Powerpuff Girls and let dry. When the light cream royal icing has dried, apply the hair and eyes in the necessary colors. Try to stay within the lines of the black royal icing as much as possible. Let the cookies dry over night. Powerpuff Girls cookies make for awesome party favors. Bake several large Powerpuff Girls cookies and place in color coordinated party favor bags with green, yellow, blue curling ribbon and/or bows. This will ensure every fan of the Powerpuff Girls leave with huge smiles on their faces parents will appreciate the fact the party host took the time to make these cool cookies as well. Tie thank you notes to each of the cookie party favor bags and simple Powerpuff Girls party favors are made.
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Powerpuff Girls Coloring Page 2
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