Princess Party Guide: Decorations & Crafts

Get crafty with fun Princess theme party craft ideas.  It's a blast to make a decorative centerpiece or wall hanging to match the party theme. The celebration begins the moment the event is planned. Lots of party decoration ideas to help make any event more festive.

There are many little girls who like to pretend that they are a princess. This is why princess crafts are great for girls of any age. This fun and easy project will help them feel like a real live enchanted princess when they can wear their own crown. This is a good project for girls of all ages. Fun and exciting get-together activities such as this are always a great addition to a fun filled celebration. More often than not, having a variety of fun activities in which everyone can play and participate will liven up the event and make it very special for everyone involved in the celebration.

Here are the materials that you will need for this fun and easy enchanted princess craft.

• Thin cardboard (poster board or old cereal boxes will work)
• Foil gift wrap or construction paper
• Scissors
• Paints, crayons or felt tip pens
• Glue
• Stapler
• Stickers, markers, glitter, shapes cut from construction paper (These are optional)

Here are the steps that you need to take to make the princess crown.

One: Cut a strip of cardboard long enough to go around your head and overlap slightly. You may have to use two pieces of paper that is stapled together to make it fit. The strip needs to be 3 to 4 inches wide and long enough to go around the head of each individual child so that they can wear their enchanted princess crown.

Two: You want to use a slightly wider (2 inches or more) but the same length of construction paper or foil gift wrap.

Three: Glue the construction paper to the cardboard and make sure that the bottom edges line up. Four: Next you want to cut out the zigzag in the top of the construction paper.

Five: Then the child can decorate the crown however they want to use glitter, or stickers. Make sure that the paper side is decorated and not the cardboard side of the princess crown.

Six: For the final step you want to make a ring with the cardboard facing in towards the child’s head. Then staple the princess crown, adult help may be needed for this step.

Now they can wear their crown and act like the enchanted princess that they want to be. All little girl’s love this part of the craft they will have hours of fun with it. Invitations may have a game piece included that will surely entice the guest to attend. Baskets add a homey feeling to a gathering, and fill them with love. Invitations may have a game piece included that will surely entice the guest to attend.
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