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Don't be puzzled, let your creative juices flow when making a homemade party game to match a Prom theme Theme.  Let us help you search for the words to uniquely design the perfect activity.

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After prom homemade party games are great entertainment ideas for those seeking to do something fun when prom commences. Simple game such as Name That Tune, Coin Toss, Ring Bottle Toss are games that can be played anywhere. Many parents may want the kids back home at a certain time so setting up party games in the basement or backyard will give parents peace of mind. The games are only limited to the space and the interest and enthusiasm in the players.

For a large group of after prom guests play the homemade Fetch and Apple game. Each team consists of 6 players with teams forming lines. The first 2 players in each line are given the tea spoons. Place two chairs 6 feet away or so from the teams with one apple on each chair. The first player must run to the chair with their spoon and put the apple on them without using the hands. Then they run back, put the apples onto the spoons of the second players and give their spoons to the third players of their teams. If the apple falls down the players must pick it with the help of their spoons and continue the game.

Statue is a homemade after prom game that is simple yet very challenging. Players throw a ball to each other and the player who lets the ball fall must continue the game standing on one foot. If he/she succeeds in catching the ball in this position he/she is allowed to stand on both of the feet again. Players must continue the game in the kneeling position. After the second mistake the player must kneel. If the player manages to catch the ball in this position all he/she can stand up once again. Ensure the ball is thrown from a safe distance on not too hard. Use a tennis or dodge ball for this game. The player who can last the longest with resulting to being on their knees is the winner. This game can be played one-on-one or in groups in a circle. Mixing pen and paper games with physical movement activities to have a variety helps provide something for personalities of everyone. Games will be most useful when selected accordingly to the age range of the participants. Mixing pen and paper games with physical movement activities to have a variety helps provide something for personalities of everyone.

More free word search party games Click image to Print the Prom Word Search Puzzle
Prom Word Search Puzzle - Click Image and Print from Your Browser

The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Prom to use for parties or in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.  Try playing the free Prom Party Games with the kids.  This is a free game that goes with the theme of Prom.  Many restaurants have placemats with activities that kids loves.  You can use our free resources to create a themed environment. To keep the children's minds active the Prom Word Find is a fun challenge.  Some of these words appear in the Prom History.  Create your own lesson plans using the information found on the Prom history page.  Trivia game questions is an interesting way to have the kids learn about Prom.  Older children can create their own trivia questions and then ask each other the questions.  As a time filler, the Prom Word Scramble is a good activity to use while the children wait for food to be serviced or as they wait for other children to finish their assignments.  A party can be made into a fun learning environment.  Kids that arrive early to school or a party can do the Prom Word Scramble to get started in the mood of a Prom event.
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