Red Hat Party Guide: Decorations & Crafts

Get crafty with fun Red Hat theme party craft ideas.  It's a blast to make a decorative centerpiece or wall hanging to match the party theme. The celebration begins the moment the event is planned. Lots of party decoration ideas to help make any event more festive.

The Red Hat party is a great way to celebrate with the gals in your society, but sometimes its hard to come up with unique party craft ideas for the event. However, you will get a lot of hits with this make your own Red Hat craft from Styrofoam cups! Fun and exciting get-together activities such as this are always a great addition to a fun filled celebration. More often than not, having a variety of fun activities in which everyone can play and participate will liven up the event and make it very special for everyone involved in the celebration.

Red Hat Craft

For this fun and funky craft idea you will need the following items; Small Styrofoam Hot and Cold Drink Cups, Scissors, Acrylic Paints, Pot Holder, disposable Cookie Sheet, Aluminum Foil, Ribbon, Lace, and Flowers.

First, you will want to start these funky red hats by painting your Styrofoam cups with acrylic paint. You’ll only need to paint the outsides and bottoms of the cups. The color of choice is obviously red!

Once the paint has dried place the cups bottom up on the cookie sheet. Take the aluminum foil and roll it up into small balls about the size of a large marble. Place one aluminum ball under each cup.

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. Place your Styrofoam cups in the oven. It only takes a minute for these to shrink and melt so you will want to stay close to the oven and keep an eye on them. It is also a good idea to keep a window in the kitchen open for ventilation. Watch those red hat cups like a hawk because they melt quickly once they start shrinking so you will have to remove them from the oven fast. It may only take about 45-60 seconds for the cups to shrink enough to look like mini hats.

When you do take them out of the oven. Place the cookie sheet in a well ventilated area to cool.

Once cool, you and the gals at the red hat party can use your ribbon, lace and flowers to decorate the hats by adding a fringe or some beads or even a veil. You will decorate the cups to fit how they melted in the oven so this is a very organic process.

Once your red hat craft items are completed you can poke a hole in the bottoms of the cups and attach a string to make them to make ornaments for your Christmas tree. Use food coloring to surprise guests with food items of unusual colors. Bobble heads are fun to see, so make them prizes, as well as part of the décor. Use food coloring to surprise guests with food items of unusual colors.
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