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The party guide helps plan a themed Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) event with ideas, tips in the food departments, creative crafts, and clever conversation chats, menus, recipes, cookies, cakes and food labels. Free printable games, puzzles, place name cards and coloring pages.

Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) is a time of both celebration and remembrance in the Jewish community; what better time to enjoy a full round of party music that will help partygoers remember and reflect, while at the same time anticipating the year to come.

The ultimate Rosh Hashanah playlist would feature timeless classics of the Jewish faith that include:

Shana Tova (the traditional New Year song)
The Shofar Song by Cantor Lisa Doob
Tapuchim U'dvash by Rachel Buchman
Bashanah Haba’ah (Next Year)
Aside from classic songs, any Rosh Hashanah party also will include a number of theme-related party supplies. These could include miniature Dreidels and Stars of David, both to decorate the party table and to take home as party favors. An assortment of napkins, plates, goblets, table coverings, etc., could come in hues of blue and silver, and perhaps be emblazoned with pictures of the Star of David. Guests might wear decorative Yarmulkes or Mazel Tov stove top hats; in addition, some cute and celebratory Mazel Tov might hang from the ceiling or adorn the party table.

Through music, party supplies, and some good ol’fashioned elements of laughter and conversation, a party host can stage a winning Rosh Hashanah party that will make guests say, “Mazel Tov!” Inspirational thought: Make sure the camera has batteries that are charged and extras on hand for backup. Simple and well prepared food is often much better received at a gathering than complicated dished that don't quite hit the mark. The right favors given to the guests will allow them to remember that day many years from now.

Handmade party goods and party supplies such as paper party streamers, banners and signs make Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) a very special time for Jewish families and their friends. Rosh Hashanah is a very joyous holiday for Jewish families and the addition of homemade party supplies and party goods such as homemade candles, homemade dreidels, handmade Menorahs, balloon bouquets and handmade gift baskets add a lot to the celebration. Research states that Rosh Hashanah celebrates the Jewish New Year and during this time it is customary to eat fruit. Therefore, a homemade fruit bowl with a variety of fruit is the perfect centerpiece for this event for Jewish families. In addition to the homemade centerpiece, other homemade party supplies such as handmade tablecloths, handmade placemats and homemade napkins are very popular.

Homemade Rosh Hashanah candles and handmade party streamers make a traditional Rosh Hashanah celebration very special. In addition to these Rose Hashanah party supply items other homemade party supplies such as handmade tablecloths and placemats are made especially for Rosh Hashanah and become traditional family items. These handmade party supply items along with Rosh Hashanah gift baskets and candle baskets are easy to prepare for your Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) party.

In addition to these homemade party supplies, other party supplies such as Rosh Hashanah noise makers, glow sticks, tambourines, balloons and party banners are nice additions to your Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) celebration.

In searching one will find more then one new year offering the chance to have a celebration, such as doing a Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) theme cake. To make any type of cake the right ingredients and party supplies will be needed. For this cake starting with the ingredients; 3 cups of all purpose flour, 4 eggs, 2 ˝ cups of white sugar, baking powder, salt, 3 apples, vegetable oil, orange juice, vanilla extract and ground cinnamon. Take the time to make the cake, following the directions. Need the directions well here they are; start by warming the oven to 350 degrees plus get a 10 inch tube pan ready. Now proceed to sprinkle sliced apples with 5 tablespoons of white sugar, the ground cinnamon and toss them together. Ready to move on to the next stage then, mix the following together; eggs, flour, sugar, salt, vegetable oil, baking powder vanilla extract and the orange juice. A good batter of this nature will have stiffness to it, meaning it is time to move on. Take the pan an add ˝ the batter so the apple mixture can be placed over it, then cover with the rest of the batter and bake.

The Jewish New Year for people, animals, and legal contracts, Rosh Hashanah will begin at sunset on September 12th and ends at sunset at September 14th and a Rosh Hashanah Party will be held at that time. In today's world, it can be a struggle for modern Jewish families, which often includes blended families, to combine more modern traditions with religious rituals and inherent to the Jewish faith and long established celebrations rooted in the faith.

Many families, especially blended families have started traditions of their own by maintaining the traditions inherent to their faith while blending in elements of other traditions. For example, since Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year, some families are blending elements of secular New Year's celebrations with religious tradition and rites, to create new, enduring traditions.

Consider combining the two by celebrating with a traditional dinner on the first day of Rosh Hashanah, and invite guests to celebrate the second day with party activities and a blend of traditional and non-traditional food and activities.

It is traditional to blow the shofar on Rosh Hashanah, but with children and those who might not be as familiar with Jewish custom and tradition, that can be difficult, so an effective substitute could be to give everyone noise makers, much like we do in our regular New Year's celebration and separate into groups of four or five. Each person starts blowing at the whistle, and it is easy to judge the winner, because the noise makers roll back up when the blowing stops. The winners get a prize.

Young and old alike can enjoy activities such as crown decorating. Purchase simple paper crowns, and allow everyone to embellish their own with glue, 'jewels' glitter pens, etc. Finally, everyone gets pen and paper and writes their wish for the coming year. The wish can be simple or complex. The wishes are put in envelopes, their names are written on the outside, they are sealed and put away to be read the next year. It can be so interesting to remember from year to year what was and is important to you. With a simple blending of tradition and modern, your Rosh Hashanah Party whether held in the evening or daytime, will combine the best of both worlds while allowing you to maintain the important customs of your faith.

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Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) History, Facts and Educational Resources

Add an educational twist to any birthday party, holiday celebration, or theme party.  Share the history of the Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) theme to the guests.  Play some free printable educational party games.  Shhh don't tell the kids that they are learning!

The history of Rosh Hashanah began in ancient Hebrew times. In autumn it welcomed in the new economic year. The seasons of seed-sowing and growth and the ripening of grain followed. Great agricultural festivals followed in order each year, like the “feast of unleavened bread,” and the “feast of harvest.”

The earliest of these celebrations was mentioned in Ezekiel, telling of the day it took place and that the blowing of trumpets proclaimed it. Sacrifices were offered, and there was a holy convocation. No work was to be done on certain holy days.

The name Rosh Hashahan is Herbrew and means “head of the year.” It is celebrated as the Jewish New Year. It takes place ten days before Yom Kippur, and is on the first two days of the seventh month, Tishrei, in the Hebrew calendar. The Torah describes the day as the “remembrance of the blowing of the horn.”

Rosh Hashanah is only one of four observances for the new year. The other “legal years” are observed for different reasons. This new year is for legal contract, and animals, as well as for people. It is for calculating the calendars and it represents the creation of the Universe. The Talmud, however, views it as the creation of man, and five days earlier the Universe was created.

The first reference known in history as Rosh Hashanah being the day of judgment was in Judaism’s Mishnah, the oral Torah. The books in the Talmud state the recordings of the fate of wicked, righteous people, as well as those of the intermediate class. It is believed, in some descriptions, that God sits upon a throne, while the books of the deeds of humanity are reviewed, as people pass in front of Him for his evaluation.

The observance takes place as a day of rest. Because of the difficulty in determining the exact date of each new moon in ancient times, it is celebrated for two days, beginning at sundown on 29 “Elul” in the Hebrew calendar. Get creative by using poster board and LED lights to make your own light up banner or message. If your special occasion for the kids includes face painting be sure to check with their parent first. Get creative by using poster board and LED lights to make your own light up banner or message. The history of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) has different interpretations by each person, so use your own judgement. Share these facts with friends at a celebration.
The Party Supplies Hut has more free elementary educational teacher resources for Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) to use in the classroom for active learning to create lesson plans with trivia questions, games and fun activities.

History of Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year)
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Rosh Hashanah (Jewish New Year) Party Supplies
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