Homemade Sports Themed Costumes 
& Free Printable Stencils

Get creative making a homemade party costume. The Sports party guide has unique thoughts to make it happen.  In addition, make a silly fun pumpkin or any large fruit decoration with the free printable stencil below.

Sports as a theme for a party of any occasion is a great idea, especially if it is a costume event. It offers an uncountable number of options for homemade costumes, at least as many as the number of different sports that exist, for the uniform of any particular sport could very well be a costume for this party. Nearly all hosts will find that planning, creating and organizing a fun gathering such as this is the perfect time to create sporty outfits and other getups designed especially for the event. More often than not, the attire will not only add to the celebration, but will stand out among the crowd.

You can be sure there will be plenty of people showing at the sports party in baseball, basketball and football uniforms. So why not dare to be different and don the uniform of a wholly fantastical sport non-existent in the muggle world? Yes, I am talking about a quidditch robe, of the legendary game from the Harry Potter series. This costume can be easily made at home. You just need to follow as closely as possible the outfit worn by the character of Harry Potter as described in the books and shown in the movies. The outfit basically consists of a crimson robe with a laced up neck line and yellow stripes along the sleeves. Embroider the Gryffindor symbol on the chest of the robe and don’t forget to wear Harry’s trademark wire rimmed glasses.

The Ever Last Card Girl is a very attractive costume for the women to wear at a Sports party. This can be fashioned out of a red mini skirt with a black waist line and a matching red top, over which is worn a hooded red jacket. The everlast symbol needs to be displayed prominently along the waistline and the jacket.
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Free printable Sports stencil to use to decorate your theme party. Make it magical with the latest, greatest items that are very different from the norm. Candy dishes make fruit and vegetable items more appealing. Make it magical with the latest, greatest items that are very different from the norm.

Free Printable Stencil Pattern for a Sports Theme Party

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